Monday, May 2, 2016

There is something rotten in American capitalism.

  The United States no longer exercise power in its constitutional and traditional features political system is paralyzed, the state apparatus is zavisim.I Republican and Democratic Party are dependent on the private interests of the same groups that finance their campaigns.
 The state is not managed by the President and Congress, and clubs, clans, bank and corporate lobbyists growing influence of powerful groups defending specific interests such as "Wall Street" Fed Pentagon Jewish lobby, agribusiness, big corporations, Special services (national intelligence Council, Central intelligence Agency (CIA), national service for cover, Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), national security Agency and another dozen intelligence agencies and offices), MIC, pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies.
An attempt to revive the times of Clinton with Rockefeller, "Wall Street" and the banks, especially if Trump fails to stumble.
American capitalism has become insecure and suspicious, a reserve storage system are nedostatachni.Realnata economy stepped financial sektor.Banki, mutual funds and investment companies, rather than to ensure savings redistribute social wealth in its own interest.
The financial system does not stimulate economic growth, interest rates are close to zero.
Washington now no one talks about the beneficial effects of the smooth movement of capital. Problem is long-term stagnation and lack of growth, a little farther away from absolute zero.
New initiatives for economic growth are missing, difficult business invests in new oborudvane.Srednata class decreases growing gap between rich and middle class.
 Salaries hard enough for the mortgage and ordinary life and savings accounts do not bear any income.
 The US military is less effective in global conflicts and Washington increasingly difficult to "impose their will" over other countries: Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran,
Israel, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Serbia, Syria, Iraq.
 For now deal only with Europe.
 US can not transform its power into something resembling success.

 In the era of globalization transatlantic corporations, mainly American,
play a major role. Their influence in the government of the United States is significant and dangerous flaw in the system. Now they want to manage and Europe Transatlantic trade agreement.
 US media play the role of the ministry of propaganda of the Goebbels and the Third Reich.
No independent newspaper or TV in the States. Over 90 percent of the print and television media are concentrated in the hands of six companies. By the time Bush and National Public Radio lost its independence. The media play the role of the ministry of propaganda.
  Several hundred richer and richer people recently saw that in contemporary capitalism remains too small for people with medium and low incomes. The host of their meeting Lynn Forrester de Rothschild said he was "worried about social cohesion and noted that citizens" have lost confidence in their governments. "
 There are other similar group that did not pritesnyavashe.Finansoviyat world was surprised by the statement of the Rockefeller clan their exit from the business of oil and gas in their position of total control over all previously pazar.Ot 1870, the year of the founding of "Standard Oil" Rockefellers held plan to impose global market monopoly in the field of fuel until 2016
 Forbes: oil is a prime candidate for the possibility of a collapse in the economy of SASht.Tsenata can jump more than expected $ 40-60, and this represents a serious risk to the United States, according to Brad McMillan.
CNBC: The market for oil in the US and some other countries may not be able to adapt to increased demand.
To establish control Rockefeller went through the First and Second World Wars sparked or helped quite a conflict for the fall of states or heads only, colorful, Arabic and other "revolutions", some successful, others not.
 Rothschild, which often have also been radical in conducting "business" in Europe, Russia (large old friends since the time of Lenin), the United States and everywhere, this time seem to use their capital more efficiently.
Active competition between call them conditional groups Rockefeller and Rothschild in this area zapochnva around 1994-95 year, when he spoke again to the entropy limit.
 Rockefeller bet on shale gas developed plan "Arab Spring" and then torching of North Africa and the East, was launched and the "ID" .Many big money of credulous depositors ran to Rockefeller and a little later disappeared shale in bankrupt companies . Tragic fate of shale and deep shelf manufacturers despite US efforts in this direction.
 Only in 2015 in the US went bankrupt more than 15% of conventional oil producers, according to the federal regulator.
It expects the process to continue until the end of 2017 and disappear 65% of American manufacturers.
 Excellent armed private armies under the slogan of "Global Caliphate" possessed oil reserves of Libya, Syria and northern Iraq and Syria.
A "mad" Assad them precheshe.Vodeshe is "terrible war with great precision, point bombing" and extraction of "black gold" does not stop and will hit refineries, storage or traba.Golemi masters American airmen not hit even one similar object.
Oil from these areas in Turkey (saw convoys of tankers satellite images as only Washington was not filmed) falls on tankeri.Govori be at the expense of the son of Tayyip Erdogan, but none of them has revealed.
 Then came the Russians and destroyed pretty rabota.Ruskata army stopped taps Rockefeller clan and not only cross the oil flows from Syria and northern Iraq to Turkey and cut largely delivery of "refugees" to Europe. According to the newspaper "Kurir" all these refugee flows Balkan direction are financed exclusively by human rights organizations under the auspices of the Open Society Rotshild.Dori accused Soros of issuing guidebooks. They were taken completely transported to Europe by sea and land, the cost was about 3-3.5 thousand euros, and if a particular EU country - already ranged from 7 to € 11,000.
 Their foundations are working with the National Endowment for Democracy, funded and promoted various pro-American non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in countries where the US desire to intervene or to overthrow the regime.
  NGOs are the fifth column in America and bring in their names words like "human rights", "democracy".
   In Russia and China were hundreds of NGOs that receive funding from the US, but were promptly expelled.
Foundations such as "America for Bulgaria" and "Open Society" feed tens of thousands of foreign agents with money from the United States and manipulate Bulgarian tradition, patriotism, history and customs Change an the values ​​inserted in our US model of aggression, drugs, loss of ideals interruption of roots and connection to history and national pride.

 Something like a failure in Ukrayna.Za what organized Maidan?
Only harm Russia and Europe Do?
Rockefeller clan had hope for oil and gas fields in Ukraine and especially in the Donetsk region.
And they not only lost the Crimea, Sevastopol and the majority of Donbass, but so important Black Sea shelf.
Honest speculator (as he is called) and a prominent horn Rothschild, George Soros may invest $ 1 bln. Dollars in Ukraine under conditions that Western countries help of private investment there, said he personally in an interview with the Austrian in. "Der Der Standard ".
The loser table money bet "for" Ukraine billionaire speculator and stock, made a number of calls for injection of 50 bln. Dollars, which he said the EU and US must urgently do in Kiev, in an article for the New York Review of Books.
Evil tongues say that Soros has bought at good prices huge amounts of government bonds of Ukraine.
Another blow was when in March 2015 Russia to buy on the cheap majority of oil and gas assets, which are in the hands of Western finansisti.Tova happened thanks to the devaluation of the ruble and rumors that the shares will fall. This is one of the most successful financial operations where there is a stock market and a devastating blow for the above financial speculators and financiers.
"Russia made an unexpected move with the horse" - he writes InSerbia. Moscow managed to regain most of the assets are in the hands of foreign owners and earned $ 20 billion in just a few days.
The share prices of Russian energy companies fell seriously Putin one week wait, and when prices of these shares fell the most, he ordered to immediately buy up the assets that were in western financial groups.

And in all these games US curling into the hands of powerful clans and factions.
Administration of Washington stuffed into huge debt is forced to obey their wishes and go to the escalation of the conflict, supporting de facto neo-fascism in Ukraine and ID in sveta.Mnogomilioniya flow of "migrants" is supported by the European puppets Rockefeller headed Merkel and create conditions for the conquest of Europe "young lonely and angry men" who stormed statistics on the continent and were recorded and displayed by the media. Europe's population is successfully lulled with talk of human rights and tolerance.

 Economic reforms in the US will no longer be sufficient and effective.
   Limiting the premier financial oligarchy can only save the United States and return them to the capitalism of the real economy.
   A new Citizens 'contract' and a new political alliance against the power of the clan, financial and banking oligarchy.

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