Sunday, June 14, 2015

With limited military budget US is stretched on China in the South China Sea.

China and the US have military tension and there is a suspicion that China may be more trumps.
 Beijing's actions in the South China Sea change "facts on the ground" and the region faces a fait accompli. "The problem with a" fait accompli "as Washington now realized that they can not do anything except war with China, backed by Russia changing them.
China and Russia obviously want to limit American influence primarily in Central Asia, and in Europe.
Together they want to create a security zone around Afghanistan to curb smuggling of drugs presumably controlled by the US. Russian side prefers a joint operation with troops from Central Asia, since the transport of opiates from Afghanistan are most often organized by heavily armed "narkokervani" has the most modern equipment?
 Their common tool is the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), whose members include China, Russia and four former Soviet Central Asian republiki.Kitay and Russia agreed to strengthen political, military and economic cooperation within the Shanghai Organization.
And the Yankees nuclear dispute with Iran is a powerful day red.I where India will look not yasno.Po rather clear.
   With limited military budget of the US, many Congressmen have begun to think that the best way to save money is to return home soldiers deployed abroad as worry duty hawk and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff US General Martin Dempsey.
  Sensing the moment in the past 18 months Beijing "recover" more than 8,000 acres of land, making several submerged reefs and rocks in the real "islands".
Beijing's claims to the Spratly archipelago are not entirely unfounded, claiming legal eksperti.Ostrovite are closer to the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia also claim them.
Proximity is not always decisive, especially for her friends of the US, as Argentina saw on the occasion of its dispute with Britain Malvinas Islands.
 China is building piers, ports, high-rise buildings. He built the reef Fire cross the islands Spratly 3-mile track, which can land all types of military aircraft, which Beijing has writes "The Financial Times".
China so far does not threaten freedom of navigation, and tries to limit military activities in the territorial waters which claimed. According to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea military activities, such monitoring should be carried out with "due respect" the rights of the coastal darzhava.Kogato recent US military aircraft P-8 "Poseidon" flew past such new island, the Chinese Navy ordered him to leave the area.
US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter denied that "turning a reef in runway creates any rights of sovereignty or restrict the right of any other party of sea or air passage.
But the United States can not do much. Together with other countries, they strengthen military cooperation, trying to show a united front.
USA gave a loud howl, poorly supported by actions and are considering sending warships in the 12-mile exclusive economic zone around the new Chinese islands.
But instead of American ships in the Pacific region took Russian in the second phase of joint naval exercises "Joint Sea 2015" between China and Russia, the press office of the Eastern Military District of Russia.
The teachings are held in the Russian Far East and in particular in the Primorsky Krai include disembarkation of troops polygon Cape Klerk.
Of the Defense Ministry of Russia reported that soldiers from the Eastern Military District, from the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet and representatives of the Chinese Navy conducted a reconnaissance mission airport Knevichi as part of naval exercises.
The first phase of the Russian-Chinese military exercises held in the Mediterranean.
But China also has a lot to answer and can send its own warships and declare identification zone air defense over all or parts of the South China Sea, which theoretically will require an approaching airplane to announce its presence in Beijing.
The signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (like criminal TTPI in Europe) for US economic component of the war against China.
   There are rumors that Washington wants to place the plan "air-sea battle" with concentrated in 60% of the US forces in the Asia-Pacific region, and also increase the military presence in the Philippines, South Korea and Japan.
Russia and China deepen their strategic partnership and jointly engage in "democratization of international relations", as stated in the Joint Declaration of the Presidents Vladimir Putin and Hu Jintao signed in Moscow. Both countries aspire to a multipolar world, said Hu Jintao, and it was assessed as a clear message at the United States as fully consistent with what Putin at the international conference on security in Munich, where he took an aggressive tone against US criticism.
Anyway, China and Russia allowed the US overboard on the most spectacular economic project- "Silk Road", which covers 4.4 billion people, with the volume of industrial production more than 21 trillion dolara.Za realization of the project was established Asian bank infrastructure investments (abii). Members participating in abii became very historic US allies in Europe and Asia, which led the US to panic.
 China even accused the US of arrogance and geopolitical purposes, along what is happening in FIFA.
"Although anti-corruption storm can help FIFA to undertake reforms, it looks more like a well thought out and organized plan to achieve some geopolitical goals," says "Xinhua", which is the department with the rank of a ministry to the Chinese central government, its president is a member of the Central Committee of the ruling Communist Party.

PLA is the common name of all the armed forces of China. With 2.25 million troops is the largest standing army in the world.
The Chinese armed forces are equipped with the latest model of Russian weapons bought or manufactured under license in China, and own quite resembling American, has 9200 tanks, 6000 armored fighting vehicles, 17,300 artillery systems, and over 6,000 anti-aircraft complex. China also has 62 submarines, 9 nuclear, about 200 surface vessel, and over 2,000 combat aircraft and helicopters. Chinese nuclear arsenal estimated at 400 or more weapons. Second Artillery Corps has about 30 intercontinental ballistic missiles DF-5.
DF-5 is a three ballistic missile. It has a very large weight - 183 tons, making it the heaviest intercontinental ballistic missile in the world after R-36. Fuel used - asymmetric dimethylhydrazine, and an oxidizer - nitrogen tetroxide. The tanks are made of highly durable alloy of aluminum and copper. DF-5 carries a warhead weighing 3000-3200 kg and a power of 3 to 5 megatons and after modernization multiblock warhead, allowing the transfer of more than one warhead. . The maximum range is 13 to 15,000 kilometers, covering the United States and the majority of the earth's surface.

 Quantity of active nuclear warheads suspects:
11000 Russia,
USA 8000
China 240

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