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The Islamization of Europe in 2015 and the end of Christian civilization.

Under unprecedented pressure from the US in the heart of Europe was established another Muslim country-Kosovo.
  The compromise to create another tumor in the heart of Europe as a result of the strong US pressure on defenseless "Christian" Europe is obviously the ultimate betrayal of dependent colonial politicians in the EU.
  Why the big brother helped 20 million Kurds in Turkey, but is concerned about two million Kosovars, the answer is to create another Islamic state development in the heart of Europe, to load another bomb.

  Despite the apparent incompatibility of recognition of Kosovo, with international law, despite the undoubted destabilize the Balkans and throughout Europe, despite the inevitable problem of cloning in countless new separatist tensions, execute the behest of the US and support the next invented by sick minds Muslim country in Europe.
 Today everything is in place, Kosovo bury terrorists with honors heroes.
Kosovo demonstrates real chutzpah turned the funeral of murderers and participants in the terrorist act in Kumanovo ceremony sending national hero.
  The coffin of the shirt is covered with Albanian flag. The party Alliance for the Future of Kosovo sent the terrorist with the words "hero".
 Why now are silent, big friends of the US and to be killed, who first recognize tumor Islamic Europe? Why they were covered our Atlanticists? Why silent Pristina now?
 Christian Europe made several fatal errors in recent years: the war in Libya, which plunged the country into civil war and turned it into an arsenal in the open, Kosovo and Syria, which supported the enemies of Bashar al-Assad, but they are the same Islamists against which our troops fighting in Iraq and Mali, the same Islamic state.
  Noam Chomsky, one of the best analysts of the CIA refers to financial and economic octopus opium mafia whose thread and pull back US natural political processes led to the newest scourge of Islamic Iztoka- darzhava.Poyavata the Islamic state and the overall distribution of Radical jihadism is very natural result of banging that shook Washington over Iraq's fragile society, which barely survived the murderous sanctions of the US and Britain, which were so huge that two respected international diplomats resigned in protest, saying penalties are "genocide" of Iraqi society.
Confirmation of the theory of Chomsky and former CIA operative analyst Graham Fuller. He said that the US is one of the main architects of the Islamic state.
  Europe is the most faithless area in the world - a place where secularism is perceived.
 Some Scandinavian countries are experiencing discomfort from mentioning specific religious communities for fear of terrorist attacks.
But the continent's population is about 40 million. Muslims -over 5% of its population. In 2020, they will already be 20% of the EU population due to low birth rates and high immigration.
In the capital of Europe-Brussels exceed 30%.
Christianity, the dominant religion in Europe is currently in the role of outsider.
Islam is a foreign religion, but with intensity, as Europe does not know.
Muslims have a sense of cohesion and common identity. They are convinced they are a special group and have a sense of moral responsibility and a set of beliefs in the Koran that say that Islam is the only truth. Faith in God is usually accompanied by the belief that the subjugation of non-Muslims is naturally morally right.
Islamic religious practices often conflict with the moral code of many societies.
Naturally anti-Muslim sentiments are the most noticeable form of xenophobia in modern Europe, passing in a form of racism, but unfortunately the only force opposed to religious fanaticism and terrorism.
Fact already bans Islamic clothing, niqab and burqa are limited and those wearing Islamic clothing is not desirable in an increasingly large part of Europe.
Place barriers against the construction of mosques.
This hardens the Muslims in the sense of cohesion and common identity. Faith in God is usually accompanied by the belief that the subjugation of non-Muslims is naturally morally right.
The European Union has failed even to agree on a declaration of religious rights after attacks on Christians in the Middle East.
Britain and some Scandinavian countries have warned that it could cause a "clash of civilizations".
Europe close your eyes and Religious war between Christians and Muslims in Egypt.
Now the dividing line between the peoples of Western Christianity and Muslims passing through Eastern Europe and Orthodox peoples, Bulgarians, Greeks and Serbs.
Balkans become one of rift zones of civilizations, because the conflicts in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia unfortunately deployed and the religious, civilizational principle.
Strengthening of attitudes as anti-Semitism, xenophobia and antiislyamizam be observed in Western Europe.
Christian civilization is based on Protestant values ​​(put in the broadest sense), however unpleasant it may sound for Catholics and Orthodox.
Europe began to outpace much older civilizations of ours, only about 450 years. Then place the Reformation and the subsequent Renaissance. It is this philosophy embodied in the Protestant Christian values, became the basis of a modern, prosperous society. They begin to appreciate and support the non waiver of substantive and reverence for dogma, but rather - entrepreneurship and hard work, respect for public order, civil and social activity, the right of individuals to interpret the Bible, which supports free-in all areas.
  Christian civilization is now in crisis because people who store it in their hearts and souls decreased.
 Today there is no single European country put in including Bulgaria, (with frightening demographic catastrophe) demonstrating growth, and to ensure that it will survive in its current form in the next century.
Unlike Christianity, Islam demonstrates the inexhaustible energy, vitality and progress.
 There is not a European country in which the local population does not melt, except - Muslim Albania, Kosovo Muslim. And there is not an Islamic country where the population is not growing, often an explosion.
Explosion growing Muslim population in Christian Muslim countries natural growth and induced the US "partners" emigration wave-like "Great Migration of Muslims to the EU."
If the people themselves do not want their culture, nation or civilization to survive and grow stronger, nothing can be done.
 In Europe, people collectively decided that the nations are already obsolete and that should be created a new union. Perhaps, ultimately, this will be an Islamic Europe?
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