Monday, April 6, 2015

"The European Union is falling apart," said Italian politician and leader of the Italian "Movement 5 stars" Beppe Grillo.

"The European Union is falling apart," said Italian politician and leader of the Italian "Movement 5 stars" Beppe Grillo.
  Austerity measures have become a "trap" for European countries, which prevents them from out of the crisis, said the leader of the Italian "Movement 5 Stars".
The European Union - it is absolutely useless education, and if indeed Union or community, then Greece would not be in such a situation as now, said in an interview for RT Beppe Grillo, the Italian leader of the opposition "Movement 5 Stars".
The leader of the opposition in Italy compared Matѐo Rѐntsi, Prime Minister of Italy with the pilot of the crashed A320.
According to Grillo, "the collapse of the EU has already taken place."
"Other European countries could easily save Greece without much effort." -this Is not the EU Union and Community "- he said.
The leader of the "Movement 5 Stars" supports the idea of ​​a united Europe, but is opposed to the single currency.
 "Our differences help us to communicate and to find common ground.
 Differences enrich our culture. But the common currency, this is quite a different thing, "he said, adding that Italy is preparing a referendum on withdrawal from the eurozone.
  Austerity measures dictated by Brussels, Grillo described as a "cell" or "trap" into which were political processes and the financial system in Italy. Their implementation leads to a drastic reduction of jobs, despite the fact that certain groups of the population and so lose their jobs as a result of developments in technology and robotics. "We are moving to change that our leaders still unanticipated," said the politician.
Reducing the labor market and the threat of wage cuts led to the fact that people spend less.

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