Monday, April 6, 2015

Movement for radical change, "Bulgarian Spring" of Velizar Enchev 25 back against the system.

Movement for radical change, "Bulgarian Spring" of Velizar Enchev 25 back against the system.

End of neoliberal ideology in the economy, a cult myth of the universal power of market mechanisms. Return the state as investor and regulator.
Creation of state enterprises, breaking the monopoly and reduce prices.

Preserving state ownership of strategic industries.

Review of all concessions and contracts concluded over the past 25 years.

Start a war against mass poverty and insist on state intervention and legislative measures to support small and medium businesses. Preparation and implementation of projects for opening of new jobs.

New regional policy, drawing special attention to the disadvantaged regions in which reigns mass unemployment and escalating emigration.
Establishing a state program for the resettlement of ethnic Bulgarians from abroad in depopulated areas.
Relief for debtors from small and medium businesses, defaulting their obligations to the state.
Cancellation of tenders for banks first and only home of borrowers who can not pay their contributions. Will guarantee all Bulgarian citizens that will not be thrown on the street by bankers and bailiffs. Will set up a state institution interim management debts of private entrepreneurs and fair treatment of all borrowers.
Ban on unilateral changes in contractual relations, including interest rates, which penalize citizens and make them slaves of the banks.
Repeal of the flat tax. Introduction of family taxation and different tax rates / VAT / medicines, books, baby food, etc.
Tax and banking amnesty for people in difficulty and young families.

A complete ban on the work of the state with offshore companies.
Recognition of transfers to offshore companies, including invoices for supplies and consultancy contracts.

Deofshorizatsiya capital. Transparent ownership of all enterprises and the media, banning offshore companies have ownership of Bulgarian territory.

Stimulation of educated birth and limiting marginaliziranarata birth.
Preparation of a state program to provide shelter for homeless people against participation in labor cooperatives.
Shock increase of pensions and salaries, reaching European standards.
De-monopolization of the Health Insurance Fund. Without state funding for private health structures.
Carrying out radical reforms in the judicial system, allowing immediate proceedings against those responsible for the economic collapse that led people to disaster, unknown in its scale in the history of Bulgaria.
Forfeiture of illegally acquired property of the families of convicted persons.

Introduction of deadlines to resolve litigation.

Remove party-quota principle in the selection of members of the Supreme Judicial Council. SJC members will be elected by the judges and prosecutors' guild.

Imposition of constitutional amendments allowing members of the Constitutional Court to be elected directly by the people.

Right of citizens to the Constitutional Court. Direct election of magistrates - judges and prosecutors.

Remove party-quota principle in the appointment of the Central Election Commission and its replacement by direct election by the people of the CEC members.
Compliance with the constitutional provision for compulsory primary education with application of compulsory exams through external evaluation of the Bulgarian language and literature, and history.
Non-financing with money from the state budget to private schools.

Return of free university education for students whose families are below 400 lev monthly income per family member.
Review of the principles and prices for accommodation in hostels and reduce the cost of students and their learning.

Guaranteed first employment contract for at least one year, for graduates in state universities. Guaranteed first employment contract for at least three years for graduates of public universities with success than 5.00 throughout the course.

No free higher education for executives who emigrate abroad and realize received knowledge here. Any student trained on a state must pay a higher fee for universities, for which he is providing credit, sufficient for the entire academic course. If five years after his graduation specialist working in Bulgaria, the loan is written off by 1/5 part of each year working in the country. The same principle will also apply to private universities, if they receive a state subsidy.

Reconstruction of the Higher Attestation Commission / HAC / to terminate escalating habilitation at lower scientific standards.

Development of a new State program for integration and phasing out of the ghettos of the Gypsy community. Education in work habits through targeted provision of jobs.
Movement will push for the immediate adoption of a law on the personal responsibility of officials of state and municipal administrations, as well as members of the collective bodies of governance at local and national level.
President, MPs, mayors, councilors and all other people elected should not be exempted from criminal liability.
Reducing the state subsidy for parties of 11 lev aloud 3 lev. If after the referendum to introduce mandatory voting, the state subsidy for parties that received more than 1% of the parliamentary elections must take place 1 lev for a vote, as is the case in Germany.
Defense and national security are guaranteed by well-funded armed forces, police and security services. Rearmament of the army to carry out a program of industrial partnership, ensuring job creation and disclosure of extractive industries with high value.
The involvement of the army in missions abroad should be done only in the presence of sanction by the Security Council of the United Nations and by a qualified majority of the National Assembly.

After a referendum on Bulgaria's membership in NATO, the National Assembly will decide, in line with the will of the people.

DRP is against the renewal of expiring in April 2016 a 10-year contract for the deployment of US military bases on Bulgarian territory.

DRP deemed appropriate closure of the National Security Service and transform it into an agency of the Ministry of Interior.

DRP declares extremely negative attitude towards foreign funded NGOs that influence the policy of the Bulgarian media.
Foreign policy of the Republic of Bulgaria must be independent and to maintain a national position clearly our interests in the European Union.
DRP call into question our country's membership in the EU, but will clear principled stand "Europe of nations" and not a "Europe of Brussels bureaucracy."

Economic ties with the Russian Federation should be deideologized, avoiding interference of third countries and blocking beneficial to both sides projects under external pressure.

With regard to neighboring countries seeking to join the EU, in particular the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania, the Bulgarian state should put a condition sine qua observance of human and national rights, including respect for the Bulgarian cultural heritage. This question must also have written agreements before supporting their membership.

Bulgarian state should become the main engine of the process of European integration of these countries and the support of the Bulgarians who live in them.

Regarding Greece, the Bulgarian government has put the issue of historical presence in Aegean Macedonia and Western Thrace, including the possibility of restoration of religious and educational sites. DRP push for economic outlet to the Aegean Sea, our guaranteed in international documents from the early twentieth century.

Regarding Turkey Sofia must request through a new memorandum to recognize historical Bulgarian presence in Odinska Thrace.

Termination of assimilation policy towards the Bulgarians in Moldova and Ukraine.

One of the main objectives of the MFA would be restoration of the Directorate for the Balkans and support, including financial, for all associations and fraternities of our compatriots in neighboring countries.

DRP will create a team of experts on these issues, which will develop a program to resolve problems with its neighbors.

DRP is against the signing of the transatlantic agreement between the EU and the US, opening the door to GMO production and environmentally hazardous studies on shale gas.

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