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Atlantic values ​​of Bulgarian politician.

Atlantic values ​​of Bulgarian politician.
 MPs of all stripes to vote on longer vacations of all Bulgarians working.
Shtaslivi chickens, pigs, cows. Happy presidents and Irish Shepherds sleeping in car parks of Germany.
 Loyalty and faithfulness to Euro-Atlantic values ​​to the detriment of national interests to be a major priority.
Bulgaria lost three large energy contract of loyalty and integrity to the EU, Prime Minister Borisov in Brussels for a summit of the EU, which could not decide on new sanctions against Russia. Prevented countries that lead the national response policies, such as Spain, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Cyprus, Italy.
 Liberal policy on soft drugs, prostitution and gay marriage.
Recognition of the third sex marriages between homosexuals the right to adopt and raise children.
Ministers, heads of agencies and departments to appoint people without opportunity or diplomas with falshivi.Ako it is difficult, it studied other and have no idea of ​​their portfolio.
Place of Bulgaria with all illegal immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, possibly Muslims and the best from kraynite.Izselvane Bulgaria (emigration) as you can in far
Legalization of child pornography.
Pedophilia in nastaplenie.Holandskite pedophiles decided to establish his political party, to satisfy legal instincts si.Podobni parties have in several European darzhavi.Dnes in Holland tomorrow and at home.
 Eradicate their army and feed foreign armii.Balgariya sliced ​​most terrible weapons under US pressure.
Destroyed 24 launchers with 72 missiles P-300 combat radius of 300 kilometers. Sliced ​​and most modern missiles SS-23 with 400 km range - 8 launchers and 24 missiles for them. SS-23 and were feared by the Turks because they could not intercept them.
Falsification of history and compilation of relevant textbooks. Soon the Russian-Turkish War will prove fought and won by the Americans.
Participation in the new propaganda war with the EU Rusiya.Eksperti public relations and communications to begin work on the task of attacking the Kremlin on the role and purpose of Moscow in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe and efforts to create and broadcast programs Russian.
 Bulgarian legislation to be reshaped in a way to be advantageous to the government, now the moment for concrete kazus.Da not reflect long-term visions and to chase interest for the day and to close loopholes in line with the thinking and repressive police -militsionerskiyat course of action.
Prohibition of citizens to express their appreciation by throwing tomatoes and eggs at passing through the country with US military threat of imprisonment up to three years.For information-Czech and US convoy Dragoon Ride in stock 100 tanks, armored vehicles and thousands of troops.
Looting, sale and disposal of military industry and any industry.
Any foreign minister is an employee of the State Department or agent of foreign services, but a Jew.
 Small gypsy born possibly 10 years old, as you can longer and more often.
 The more foreign military bases, possibly more American pat on the shoulder.
 Hatred and hatred towards Russia and everything Russian, Slavic and neatlantichesko.
In case of signing a contract with the US government, it should always be, unequal, non-reciprocal unilateral and zashtitatavasht only US interests, both the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands and Bermuda.
 For example to take the "Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and the US government to improve tax compliance" signed by GERD.
 Sodomiyata.Sodomitite in the Norwegian city of Bergen made children's gay parade in order propaganda of sodomy among infants creatures.
Since the legalization of marriages in 2009 sodomistichnite., State quite officially stated that it will be a priority to build gender-society, to serve as an example to the rest of Europe. Sweden does not lag behind, as the Shyoval Marie and Per Valio, Swedish writers in "Death of Unit-31" and "locked room" .If you practice sodomy obviously, will prosper in the ocean of Euro-Atlanticism.
 Drug trafficking, drug use to cover and control.
Freedom of speech is not censorship -liberalskata censorship.
Right to privacy is the right of the US Secret Service to collect information for anyone at any time and place according to their interest in the form of discrediting and state racketeering.
 Settlement of disputes between foreign investors and Bulgarian state to decide in foreign courts in the interests of investors, especially when it comes to multinational based across the Atlantic.
For this purpose to sign the dark secret TTIP to which no access and MEPs.
Stray dogs are sacred animals of the Euro-atlantiZAMA. The purpose of evroatlnatitsite is to turn Bulgaria into a kennel.
Killing of street dogs in Bulgaria to equate with murder of man.
Trichy is a more serious crime of rape, murder of elderly people in their home during the robbery.
 Rummaging through the bins. The more Bulgarians and Gypsies in buckets, the sooner we will remove visas.
Open economies. Unopened not valued, and bombs with depleted uranium or not.
Tax, customs, legal and other ways to stimulate foreign agricultural products to the complete destruction of the Bulgarian livestock, vegetables and all medium and small stopanstva.Do foot!
Abasement and antibalgarizm of Bulgarian teritoriya.Mediite, possibly not Bulgarian, develop inferiority complexes and inferiority.
 Banks and companies for fast loans are sacred kravi.Zadalzhitelno cover losses of banks with public funds, possibly twice.
 Like furious evroatlantitsi specimens defenders of foreign values, unfortunately not new for Bulgaria.
They are descendants of Greek phanariots and mekeretata of padishaha.naslednitsi Traitor Levski fans Hitler and Il Duce, infinitely loyal to the Party and the Soviets; they are special people who always love selflessly something alien, something anti-Bulgarian and mostly their own selfish interests.
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