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US continues his blind adventurism in Europe and China won round after round.

US continues his blind adventurism in Europe and China won round after round.
 While Washington put Europe in adventurous games in an attempt to "seal" Russia, China quietly expanding its influence in the region of Europe, said the doctor of political-economic sciences Jack Rasmus.
 China is gradually shifting world hegemony of the United States with his new weapon - Asian Bank for infrastructure investment, it takes a significant niche in the global economy, says Dr. Jack Rasmus in Sounterpunch.
Not long ago, the IMF announced that in May, intends to decide on the inclusion of the yuan in the list of international reserves, together with the dollar, the pound and the euro, which according to Rasmus, a great success of Chinese politics.
 Asian Bank for infrastructure investments, unlike the IMF is not a tool for arm-twisting in the interest of the United States.
USA were shocked when their main partner - the United Kingdom, first announced that it was one of the founders.
Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the UK and many other European countries joined the new bank to attract Chinese investment in their large companies.
 The example of the European countries was followed by Australia and Singapore, South Korea and Canada, and many other until recently American economic allies who are currently engaged in discussions.
According to Rasmus, yuan, can not replace the dollar tomorrow or in the immediate short term, and the Asian Bank for infrastructure investment will not replace the IMF and the World Bank immediately.
However, in the long run seems inevitable disaster if China continues to grow at the same rate as the United States continue to hold the lowest growth rates.
The author concludes that China is the biggest threat to US hegemony in Europe and in the world. However, the US continues his blind economic adventurism in Europe, trying to keep the EU, the so-called Russian threat, which in reality does not exist.
If Pacific Partnership - the US response to the Asian Bank for infrastructure investment in China fail, Washington will undergo a second consecutive major defeat of Beijing in Asia, writes Financial Times.
 "Sparring" between China and the US in the first round was full of Beijing, which strengthened its major project in Asia - Asian Bank for infrastructure investments, writes Financial Times.
If the first round ended in defeat for the US in the second, Washington is trying to convince the 11 countries in the Asia Pacific to join the trade agreement "next generation", the project of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) .This is something like a transatlantic agreement between the EU and the US what the US imposed on Europe.
 Critics of the platform believe that TTP was created only for the benefit of US corporations and the project itself is an instrument for the realization of the policy objectives of Washington, not a model for sustainable and mutually beneficial economic cooperation in the region.
Model of TTP exclude the participation of China, which is a serious omission because regional cooperation does not believe the US dubious grounds that the Chinese economy is in an extremely high degree dependent on central planning and excludes the most important player trade in the region.
 Australia and Japan are seriously concerned about the terms of the agreement, which provides for US intervention in the internal affairs of its members in the field of financial regulation and protection of information and copyright.
Beijing already supports alternative trade initiatives, including Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) teo community, which was not invited to Washington.
  Sooner or later, the yuan will be recognized as a reserve currency, which would hit the dollar, says US economist Wolf Richter in an article published portal Business Insider. According to him, Washington can only delay the process for some time, but not prevent it.
 Many countries already use yuan in international payments, recalls Richter. Yuan clearing banks exist in 15 cities around the world, including such agreement, has signed Los Angeles. China has also signed agreements for currency swaps with central banks in more than 20 countries, including US allies - Australia and Britain.
  In March, Deputy Director of the People's Bank of China said that China is now in talks with the IMF on the inclusion of the yuan in the basket of reserve currencies.
At this point the basket include the dollar, euro, yen and pound sterling.
Last week Christine Lagarde said that the question is not whether to include yuan in reserve currencies, and when not.
 Germany and Australia have made it clear that it will help.
US Treasury, Jack Lew went to Beijing. The official reason for the visit was to negotiate with the Chinese authorities to curb the growth of the yuan, "would help the world economy", but in reality, the trip became a gesture of despair, while calls to US allies, to adhere to the "classic format" at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund failed in favor of the Asian Development Bank.
Instead cowardly projects of billionaires like George Soros and members of the global banking clans, the Chinese side offered a clear agenda for sustainable development: construction of ports in Sri Lanka and Myanmar and the creation of high-speed rail lines directly from China to Western Europe and the Middle East-recovery "silk Road".
  Finnish consulting company Awara Group compares the performance of the GDP of the Western members of the G7 United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Canada with those of today's leading developing countries. In 1990 the aggregate GDP of the G-7 significantly exceeded the aggregate GDP of today's seven leading developing countries: China, India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and South Korea.
 In 1990 the aggregate GDP of the G-7 was 14.4 trillion. dollars, and that of seven leading developing countries - 2.3 trillion. In 2013, however, the situation has changed radically and the aggregate GDP of the G-7 is 32 trillion. dollars, while the top seven developing countries reached 35 trillion. dollars.
  Cruel is the analysis of Ion Helevig leading analyst in the Finnish consulting company Awara Group.
Over the years, the growth of real, without loans accumulated gross domestic product. in the leading Western countries is negative, and only thanks to the massive increase in the debt burden, they managed to conceal this alarming situation, deferred the inevitable collapse of their economies.
 The truth lies in the "real GDP growth without increasing debt."
  It turns out that Western countries have lost the ability to ensure the growth of their own economies.
 The real scale of the collapse of the Spanish economy as a whole, minus 56%, which is terrifying indicator. However, if you use the conventional formal methodology for calculating growth rates of GDP (without calculate the increase in debt), this indicator fell to -6.7%.
 Relevant indicators for the euro area as a whole, are -27.2% for GDP growth, taking into account the debt down to only -0.2%, according to the official methodology for calculating the growth rates of GDP. The results of Awaragroup show that even in Germany seems almost catastrophic situation - where the growth of GDP, if we subtract the debt is equal to -16.6%, provided that the official indicator of GDP growth was only - 0.7%.
  France and Italy the results are very negative about minus 30% for the US and the UK via apokaliptichni- minus 43% growth rates of real GDP.
 Last refuge of the US and the EU so far is that the rest of the world still had traditionally trust their currencies and use them as spare and enjoy the advantages of monopoly status. It currently provides access to cheap debt obligations, allowing them to stimulate their national economies by means of monetary policy - "the unlimited printing of money." Amid the worsening situation with debt and declining share in the global economy, they will no longer be able to benefit from these advantages even in the nearest future. This policy can not continue indefinitely, everyone knows that the king is gol.Vaprosat is when it will be announced in a loud voice.
 As we have seen China has awakened and know who will announce it.
   Rise of the yuan would lead to a sharp appreciation of loans and rates of inflation, which will eventually translate into hyperinflation.
 It is not clear where this is where Russia hysteria induced by Maidana and subsequent outrages in Ukraine.
Last week Lukashenko urged the United States to engage in Minsk sporazumenie.Spored Lukashenko US plays in the conflict "crucial role" in terms of domestic political processes in Ukraine itself and in terms of peace, "to sit down and negotiate with Russia to Ukraine. "
And if the United States delivered to Ukraine serious weapons, this will lead to an escalation of the conflict. "Russia will have to react to it" - said Lukashenko.Do time Washington does not hear and silent.
Really a global war will be bailed out?

Atlantic values ​​of Bulgarian politician.

Atlantic values ​​of Bulgarian politician.
 MPs of all stripes to vote on longer vacations of all Bulgarians working.
Shtaslivi chickens, pigs, cows. Happy presidents and Irish Shepherds sleeping in car parks of Germany.
 Loyalty and faithfulness to Euro-Atlantic values ​​to the detriment of national interests to be a major priority.
Bulgaria lost three large energy contract of loyalty and integrity to the EU, Prime Minister Borisov in Brussels for a summit of the EU, which could not decide on new sanctions against Russia. Prevented countries that lead the national response policies, such as Spain, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Cyprus, Italy.
 Liberal policy on soft drugs, prostitution and gay marriage.
Recognition of the third sex marriages between homosexuals the right to adopt and raise children.
Ministers, heads of agencies and departments to appoint people without opportunity or diplomas with falshivi.Ako it is difficult, it studied other and have no idea of ​​their portfolio.
Place of Bulgaria with all illegal immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, possibly Muslims and the best from kraynite.Izselvane Bulgaria (emigration) as you can in far
Legalization of child pornography.
Pedophilia in nastaplenie.Holandskite pedophiles decided to establish his political party, to satisfy legal instincts si.Podobni parties have in several European darzhavi.Dnes in Holland tomorrow and at home.
 Eradicate their army and feed foreign armii.Balgariya sliced ​​most terrible weapons under US pressure.
Destroyed 24 launchers with 72 missiles P-300 combat radius of 300 kilometers. Sliced ​​and most modern missiles SS-23 with 400 km range - 8 launchers and 24 missiles for them. SS-23 and were feared by the Turks because they could not intercept them.
Falsification of history and compilation of relevant textbooks. Soon the Russian-Turkish War will prove fought and won by the Americans.
Participation in the new propaganda war with the EU Rusiya.Eksperti public relations and communications to begin work on the task of attacking the Kremlin on the role and purpose of Moscow in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe and efforts to create and broadcast programs Russian.
 Bulgarian legislation to be reshaped in a way to be advantageous to the government, now the moment for concrete kazus.Da not reflect long-term visions and to chase interest for the day and to close loopholes in line with the thinking and repressive police -militsionerskiyat course of action.
Prohibition of citizens to express their appreciation by throwing tomatoes and eggs at passing through the country with US military threat of imprisonment up to three years.For information-Czech and US convoy Dragoon Ride in stock 100 tanks, armored vehicles and thousands of troops.
Looting, sale and disposal of military industry and any industry.
Any foreign minister is an employee of the State Department or agent of foreign services, but a Jew.
 Small gypsy born possibly 10 years old, as you can longer and more often.
 The more foreign military bases, possibly more American pat on the shoulder.
 Hatred and hatred towards Russia and everything Russian, Slavic and neatlantichesko.
In case of signing a contract with the US government, it should always be, unequal, non-reciprocal unilateral and zashtitatavasht only US interests, both the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands and Bermuda.
 For example to take the "Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and the US government to improve tax compliance" signed by GERD.
 Sodomiyata.Sodomitite in the Norwegian city of Bergen made children's gay parade in order propaganda of sodomy among infants creatures.
Since the legalization of marriages in 2009 sodomistichnite., State quite officially stated that it will be a priority to build gender-society, to serve as an example to the rest of Europe. Sweden does not lag behind, as the Shyoval Marie and Per Valio, Swedish writers in "Death of Unit-31" and "locked room" .If you practice sodomy obviously, will prosper in the ocean of Euro-Atlanticism.
 Drug trafficking, drug use to cover and control.
Freedom of speech is not censorship -liberalskata censorship.
Right to privacy is the right of the US Secret Service to collect information for anyone at any time and place according to their interest in the form of discrediting and state racketeering.
 Settlement of disputes between foreign investors and Bulgarian state to decide in foreign courts in the interests of investors, especially when it comes to multinational based across the Atlantic.
For this purpose to sign the dark secret TTIP to which no access and MEPs.
Stray dogs are sacred animals of the Euro-atlantiZAMA. The purpose of evroatlnatitsite is to turn Bulgaria into a kennel.
Killing of street dogs in Bulgaria to equate with murder of man.
Trichy is a more serious crime of rape, murder of elderly people in their home during the robbery.
 Rummaging through the bins. The more Bulgarians and Gypsies in buckets, the sooner we will remove visas.
Open economies. Unopened not valued, and bombs with depleted uranium or not.
Tax, customs, legal and other ways to stimulate foreign agricultural products to the complete destruction of the Bulgarian livestock, vegetables and all medium and small stopanstva.Do foot!
Abasement and antibalgarizm of Bulgarian teritoriya.Mediite, possibly not Bulgarian, develop inferiority complexes and inferiority.
 Banks and companies for fast loans are sacred kravi.Zadalzhitelno cover losses of banks with public funds, possibly twice.
 Like furious evroatlantitsi specimens defenders of foreign values, unfortunately not new for Bulgaria.
They are descendants of Greek phanariots and mekeretata of padishaha.naslednitsi Traitor Levski fans Hitler and Il Duce, infinitely loyal to the Party and the Soviets; they are special people who always love selflessly something alien, something anti-Bulgarian and mostly their own selfish interests.

"The European Union is falling apart," said Italian politician and leader of the Italian "Movement 5 stars" Beppe Grillo.

"The European Union is falling apart," said Italian politician and leader of the Italian "Movement 5 stars" Beppe Grillo.
  Austerity measures have become a "trap" for European countries, which prevents them from out of the crisis, said the leader of the Italian "Movement 5 Stars".
The European Union - it is absolutely useless education, and if indeed Union or community, then Greece would not be in such a situation as now, said in an interview for RT Beppe Grillo, the Italian leader of the opposition "Movement 5 Stars".
The leader of the opposition in Italy compared Matѐo Rѐntsi, Prime Minister of Italy with the pilot of the crashed A320.
According to Grillo, "the collapse of the EU has already taken place."
"Other European countries could easily save Greece without much effort." -this Is not the EU Union and Community "- he said.
The leader of the "Movement 5 Stars" supports the idea of ​​a united Europe, but is opposed to the single currency.
 "Our differences help us to communicate and to find common ground.
 Differences enrich our culture. But the common currency, this is quite a different thing, "he said, adding that Italy is preparing a referendum on withdrawal from the eurozone.
  Austerity measures dictated by Brussels, Grillo described as a "cell" or "trap" into which were political processes and the financial system in Italy. Their implementation leads to a drastic reduction of jobs, despite the fact that certain groups of the population and so lose their jobs as a result of developments in technology and robotics. "We are moving to change that our leaders still unanticipated," said the politician.
Reducing the labor market and the threat of wage cuts led to the fact that people spend less.

Movement for radical change, "Bulgarian Spring" of Velizar Enchev 25 back against the system.

Movement for radical change, "Bulgarian Spring" of Velizar Enchev 25 back against the system.

End of neoliberal ideology in the economy, a cult myth of the universal power of market mechanisms. Return the state as investor and regulator.
Creation of state enterprises, breaking the monopoly and reduce prices.

Preserving state ownership of strategic industries.

Review of all concessions and contracts concluded over the past 25 years.

Start a war against mass poverty and insist on state intervention and legislative measures to support small and medium businesses. Preparation and implementation of projects for opening of new jobs.

New regional policy, drawing special attention to the disadvantaged regions in which reigns mass unemployment and escalating emigration.
Establishing a state program for the resettlement of ethnic Bulgarians from abroad in depopulated areas.
Relief for debtors from small and medium businesses, defaulting their obligations to the state.
Cancellation of tenders for banks first and only home of borrowers who can not pay their contributions. Will guarantee all Bulgarian citizens that will not be thrown on the street by bankers and bailiffs. Will set up a state institution interim management debts of private entrepreneurs and fair treatment of all borrowers.
Ban on unilateral changes in contractual relations, including interest rates, which penalize citizens and make them slaves of the banks.
Repeal of the flat tax. Introduction of family taxation and different tax rates / VAT / medicines, books, baby food, etc.
Tax and banking amnesty for people in difficulty and young families.

A complete ban on the work of the state with offshore companies.
Recognition of transfers to offshore companies, including invoices for supplies and consultancy contracts.

Deofshorizatsiya capital. Transparent ownership of all enterprises and the media, banning offshore companies have ownership of Bulgarian territory.

Stimulation of educated birth and limiting marginaliziranarata birth.
Preparation of a state program to provide shelter for homeless people against participation in labor cooperatives.
Shock increase of pensions and salaries, reaching European standards.
De-monopolization of the Health Insurance Fund. Without state funding for private health structures.
Carrying out radical reforms in the judicial system, allowing immediate proceedings against those responsible for the economic collapse that led people to disaster, unknown in its scale in the history of Bulgaria.
Forfeiture of illegally acquired property of the families of convicted persons.

Introduction of deadlines to resolve litigation.

Remove party-quota principle in the selection of members of the Supreme Judicial Council. SJC members will be elected by the judges and prosecutors' guild.

Imposition of constitutional amendments allowing members of the Constitutional Court to be elected directly by the people.

Right of citizens to the Constitutional Court. Direct election of magistrates - judges and prosecutors.

Remove party-quota principle in the appointment of the Central Election Commission and its replacement by direct election by the people of the CEC members.
Compliance with the constitutional provision for compulsory primary education with application of compulsory exams through external evaluation of the Bulgarian language and literature, and history.
Non-financing with money from the state budget to private schools.

Return of free university education for students whose families are below 400 lev monthly income per family member.
Review of the principles and prices for accommodation in hostels and reduce the cost of students and their learning.

Guaranteed first employment contract for at least one year, for graduates in state universities. Guaranteed first employment contract for at least three years for graduates of public universities with success than 5.00 throughout the course.

No free higher education for executives who emigrate abroad and realize received knowledge here. Any student trained on a state must pay a higher fee for universities, for which he is providing credit, sufficient for the entire academic course. If five years after his graduation specialist working in Bulgaria, the loan is written off by 1/5 part of each year working in the country. The same principle will also apply to private universities, if they receive a state subsidy.

Reconstruction of the Higher Attestation Commission / HAC / to terminate escalating habilitation at lower scientific standards.

Development of a new State program for integration and phasing out of the ghettos of the Gypsy community. Education in work habits through targeted provision of jobs.
Movement will push for the immediate adoption of a law on the personal responsibility of officials of state and municipal administrations, as well as members of the collective bodies of governance at local and national level.
President, MPs, mayors, councilors and all other people elected should not be exempted from criminal liability.
Reducing the state subsidy for parties of 11 lev aloud 3 lev. If after the referendum to introduce mandatory voting, the state subsidy for parties that received more than 1% of the parliamentary elections must take place 1 lev for a vote, as is the case in Germany.
Defense and national security are guaranteed by well-funded armed forces, police and security services. Rearmament of the army to carry out a program of industrial partnership, ensuring job creation and disclosure of extractive industries with high value.
The involvement of the army in missions abroad should be done only in the presence of sanction by the Security Council of the United Nations and by a qualified majority of the National Assembly.

After a referendum on Bulgaria's membership in NATO, the National Assembly will decide, in line with the will of the people.

DRP is against the renewal of expiring in April 2016 a 10-year contract for the deployment of US military bases on Bulgarian territory.

DRP deemed appropriate closure of the National Security Service and transform it into an agency of the Ministry of Interior.

DRP declares extremely negative attitude towards foreign funded NGOs that influence the policy of the Bulgarian media.
Foreign policy of the Republic of Bulgaria must be independent and to maintain a national position clearly our interests in the European Union.
DRP call into question our country's membership in the EU, but will clear principled stand "Europe of nations" and not a "Europe of Brussels bureaucracy."

Economic ties with the Russian Federation should be deideologized, avoiding interference of third countries and blocking beneficial to both sides projects under external pressure.

With regard to neighboring countries seeking to join the EU, in particular the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania, the Bulgarian state should put a condition sine qua observance of human and national rights, including respect for the Bulgarian cultural heritage. This question must also have written agreements before supporting their membership.

Bulgarian state should become the main engine of the process of European integration of these countries and the support of the Bulgarians who live in them.

Regarding Greece, the Bulgarian government has put the issue of historical presence in Aegean Macedonia and Western Thrace, including the possibility of restoration of religious and educational sites. DRP push for economic outlet to the Aegean Sea, our guaranteed in international documents from the early twentieth century.

Regarding Turkey Sofia must request through a new memorandum to recognize historical Bulgarian presence in Odinska Thrace.

Termination of assimilation policy towards the Bulgarians in Moldova and Ukraine.

One of the main objectives of the MFA would be restoration of the Directorate for the Balkans and support, including financial, for all associations and fraternities of our compatriots in neighboring countries.

DRP will create a team of experts on these issues, which will develop a program to resolve problems with its neighbors.

DRP is against the signing of the transatlantic agreement between the EU and the US, opening the door to GMO production and environmentally hazardous studies on shale gas.

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