Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Bulgaria is no longer subject to their own behavior, and is the subject of geopolitics. What calls itself "Bulgarian political elite" especially this 5 party coalition of DPS, GERD, RB, ABC and imagine self-appointed "patriots", apparently already acquired the status of American colonial administration.
Next four months the US will expand its commitment to the teachings "Atlantic hardness" to the stationing of a brigade in Romania and Bulgaria, said Commander 173 Brigade Airborne Regiment. Michael Foster, quoted by "Sputnik" and many of our publications.
  Beachhead for each major operation of the US and NATO airbase "Bezmer" after the alliance renovate it for 60 miliona.Taka there will be able to land the biggest American military transport aircraft.
NATO prepares construction of complex naval communication systems for command and control ship, which will be located in Varna, says MoD announced procurement.
 Earlier warned us "Think teachings" Atlantic hardness "for continuous, year-round, a series of exercises" ?!
 All this makes me sad thoughts regarding modern in the mouths of the colonial administration term "presence", widely used to replace "Turkish yoke" even peak March 3rd.
 We should note that even in Bulgaria during the "Warsaw Pact" was no foreign troops only within 1-2 months during training and exercises and never "continuously throughout the year."
Such continuous, year-round, a series of exercises sounds ominous.
Our American mentors feel that they can rely on the Bulgarian elite, because with osnovnie suspect is kriptoruski in Mafia line. Can not rely on Bulgarian army, because such absent by definition. So will attempt to create a legitimate reason to be here inserted troops of the alliance, said sociologist Ivo Hristov.
To trace the history of the speeches of NATO generals in contrast to the claims of our political parties:
"NATO is ready for military action against Russia, but worried about the third world war" admitted the British general and commander of NATO forces Adrian Bradshaw of "The Guardian".
Let's see what he says and gene. Frederick Ben Hodges, General of the US Army in Europe.
For their participation in the exercise "Atlantic hardness" Romania and Bulgaria will increase its contingent from the current 900 troops 1900. Furthermore, paratroopers of the US military unit in Italy will carry out jumps in Romania and Bulgaria.
"Think of" Atlantic hardness "for continuous, year-round, a series of teachings from Estonia to Bulgaria," said gene. Frederick Ben Hodges for
US military exercises "Atlantic hardness" will expand in Romania and Bulgaria in late March amid growing tension in the region, said the same electronic edition.
    Here's what spoke and how we calmed to the danger of a US military invasion in Bulgaria, directed against Russia our "politicians":
Daniel Mitov: not preparing for war and nobody is going to fight with us
Hysteria along one focal point with 40 employees, half of whom Bulgarians created by certain political parties are irresponsible hate, panic and hysteria in society, the minister said.
GERD: Russia is not a threat to Bulgaria, our country is not ready for voyna.Rusiya not a threat to Bulgaria, the greatest danger comes from those who spread rumors that we are preparing for war, announced from the parliamentary rostrum on behalf of the GERB party Valentin Radev.
According to Defence Minister Nikolay Nenchev talking about 17 tanks.
Nenchev: Political speech is now more dangerous to national security.
"There is no threat to our national security," said on the sidelines of the National Assembly Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev.

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