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Stock market bubble of the U.S. amid stagnant economy ?

Stock market bubble of the U.S. amid stagnant economy ?

U.S. stock market is no longer linked to the economic performance of companies and grow amid stagnant economy .
Stagnation of the U.S. economy at the beginning of 2014 a year.
The dollar fell against other major currencies as a result of shockingly weak U.S. economic growth of just 0.1% in the first quarter of 2014 a year.
 Preliminary GDP figures were much weaker than forecasts for a slowdown in economic growth to 1.2% of the best growth rate of 2.6% at the end of 2013 year , showing that the U.S. economy is actually a deep sleep " hibernation " in the first quarter of this year.
  This led to sales of dollars , but at this stage the new depreciation of the U.S. currency seems limited , since it is assumed that U.S. GDP will resume " once again " good growth rate with onset of spring - the economic growth in the second quarter and with more than 3% ?
Brutally weak data on U.S. GDP in the first quarter proved to be illogical and a little less negative impact on government bond yields in the U.S.?
Blowing up balloons ?
   Robert Shiller , Nobel Prize in economics , however , believes hikes equity created dangerous financial bubble .
"The most I worried for the booming U.S. stock market . Because our economy is still weak and vulnerable ," he says , and the financial and technology sector as overvalued !
Bubbles are created when investors do not understand when rising asset prices does not meet the basic economic factors, political and optional or traditional .
  To save the USA are ready to go and to complete randomization of the world.
 The main goal of U.S. policy in Ukraine is to stop the further economic integration of Russia and Europe and away and possibly hopefully prevent the bursting of the stock market bubble in the USA.
 U.S. President Barack Obama lost dialogue with the BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India and China.
A striking example is the UN vote last month, four of the five States abstained to vote against Russia 's accession to the Crimea, and actually stood against the United States.
Cause a " revolution " in Yugoslavia , Georgia, Egipet , North Africa aimed to beget chaos and violence in different parts of the world and managed .
After the defeat in Afghanistan, Iraq , Libya and Syria (where Russia stopped them ) , USA carry front in Ukraine , at the gates of Russia in order to collapse the fragile alliance between Russia and Europe.
 And due to the lack of statesmen in Europe , almost succeeded .
 In Europe, had to stop the process of the de- Americanization , to stop the creation of an autonomous military systems , and therefore to revive and NATO.
 American hegemony , the dominance of the dollar, the dominance of Atlanticism , liberalism ends and Americans better realize it. And the U.S. is trying to continue its hegemony by creating a global collapse.
U.S. stock market has long been divorced from actual economic performance of companies and sharply increases amid a stagnant economy .
When you realize the more investors will begin mass bankruptcies of households , financial institutions and a complete collapse of the financial system . Time is short and the United States prepare for the economic meltdown and the collapse of the dollar and the strengthening of its rival currencies such as the euro , the yuan and the ruble .
 U.S. is trying to put Europe faster in a free trade area between the EU and the U.S., to turn Europe into a trading colony of the U.S. and EU scare with Russia.
In this situation, the people of Ukraine was given the role of the victim and hostage of the United States.
The main goal of U.S. policy in Ukraine is to stop the further economic integration of Russia and Europe.
U.S. wants to stop energy flows from East to West, want to build a barrier and take the place of Russia in the markets and save the dollar as a unit .
Today G7 discuss the revival of nuclear power in Europe shale gas.
U.S. propaganda taught that this is a war between Russia and Ukraine.
 Ukraine is the only victim of U.S. interests .
The U.S. goal is to be involved in the violent collision Ukraine with Russia or to rekindle the civil war in the country.
Threats of fascists to the pipe or to a nuclear power plant are convenient for the United States.
There is no Ukrainian side in the conflict , there junta in Kiev and seized power in a coup and follow the instructions of their masters.
 How do you establish a neo-Nazi dictatorship in a country of 45 million people , half of Russians in the center of Europe in 2014 ?
 U.S. gambled marginal Turchinov , Yatsenyuk , Klitschko Tymoshenko Avakov and Yarosh and created all caught the collapse of Ukraine.

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