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Russia imposes heavy sanctions on the United States.

Russia imposes heavy sanctions on the United States.

Russia will stop delivery of rocket engine RD - 180 and K -33 in the U.S., said Tuesday the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin .
Currently RD -180 produced by Energomash provide the U.S. use of heavy missiles "Atlas 5 " , which delivers production in orbit including for military purposes.
Russia is likely to stop the delivery of jetpacks K -33 production of " factory in the name of Kuznetsov " in the United States.
Russia seeks to respond adequately to the U.S. who are trying to destroy the Russian financial and credit sphere.
 Russia after 2020 will redirect funds pledged to the ISS on the " more promising " projects.
Planned steps will lead to a " sufficiently serious blow " to the U.S. aerospace industry and will have a serious impact on the development of the industry as a whole.
Russia will even prohibit U.S. use made ​​so far in Russia rocket engines for military purposes and no longer deals with maintenance.
Moscow has threatened to stop operation of the GPS system on its territory.
 After the failure of the shuttle , the United States have their own launchers and are unable to produce soon .
By now I'm ashamed enjoyed Russian .
From June 1, Russia will suspend operation of the stations of the U.S. satellite navigation system GPS territory. Announced today that Dmitry Rogozin, Russia's deputy prime minister .
The measure can be reached if Russia fails to negotiate with Washington for deploying their own ground stations alternative GLONASS system in the U.S. , said Rogozin .
In 2012, the Russian space agency " Roskosmos " asked the U.S. authorities permission to build eight measuring stations GLONASS system , but agreement was not reached because U.S. intelligence agencies fear that the stations can be used for targeting Russian missiles .
System GPS (Global Positioning System), which provides details of the sites , shooting them three points simultaneously controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense.
 Whether Russia will abandon the dollar and soon a Putin knows.
Will China take part in undermining the leading position of the dollar , for example by buying Iranian oil for gold? Whose side will China is very important.
Started real threats to hit Russia's stability against the dollar and the U.S. , "Gazprom oil " is convinced that 95% of their counterparties are willing to switch to euro in payments , "said Chairman of the Board and CEO of the company Alexander Dyukov .
 Many landmark new, you have to consider many countries and corporations with long dollar positions.

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