Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The majority of Bulgarians against West conflict in Ukraine and Russia support .

The majority of Bulgarians against West conflict in Ukraine and Russia support .

Only six percent approve of how the U.S. and the EU, according to the latest survey agency "Media" for April .
 Question " Do you approve or not the actions of the EU and the U.S. in the events in Ukraine? " 6 per cent said yes , 20% - "somewhat ," 41 percent - disapprove, 33% can not judge .
On the same issue, but for Russia , 17% answered "yes ," 21 percent - somewhat , 33% - disapprove , and 29 percent can not judge .
About 25 % of people assessed as correct that Bulgaria does not recognize the referendum in the Crimea, however, 35 per cent believe it is wrong , and 41% can not judge .
"The West is to blame , but Russia is not quite right ," the majority view in the country, shows a representative survey conducted between March 31 and April 5 in 1002 people.
For more solid economic and political sanctions against Russia announced 13 per cent , against it 40%, and 47 per cent can not judge .
  According to the latest survey agency "Media" for April elections in Bulgaria today , BSP received 21.9% and GERD - 19.6% . " Bulgaria without censorship " retains solid fourth position of the European elections shows the last survey agency "Media" for April .
Party coalition around Nikolai Barekov would receive 7% of the vote.
In February, 43 percent of respondents said they would vote , and now this percentage is 39.
BSP - 21.9% , and GERD are 19.6 %. DPS is in third place with 8.8% , " Bulgaria without censorship " - 7% NFSB - 4% , Reform bloc - 3.8 percent ABV - 3.7% , and Attack - 2,5 %.
Respondents were 1002 people over 18 years who responded to the question: "If the European elections were now, who would you vote for? " Between March 31 and April 5.

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