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The question is, who exactly finance leaders Maidan employing snipers ?

The question is, who exactly finance leaders Maidan employing snipers ?

The question of who exactly financed snipers to kill protesters on Maidan to escalate tensions and killings attributed to Russia or Yanukovych, is a question that the services of a powerful trans -Atlantic state and do not want to hear.
Grand international scandal and reconsideration of the 'democratic revolution ' in Ukraine , and the answer to " Who and financed ? " found.
CIA argues, however, that after a sufficiently closely and it is predicted scenarios .
Here's the chronology :
"All the clues indicate that protesters and collaborators law enforcement authorities are killed by the same sniper ." It said the High Representative of the European Union Catherine Ashton povanshnite works Estonian Urmas Paet, Foreign Minister after his visit to Kiev during the " democratic revolution."
Estonia 's foreign ministry confirmed that the recording is authentic .
In conversation Paet stated that there are serious doubts that the snipers shooting at people in Kiev, have been employed by the leaders of the Maidan . He explains that all of the evidence , which he showed evidence that protesters and collaborators law enforcement authorities are killed by the same sniper.
Paet spoke with Olga worshiper shot being treated by a mysterious " killers ."
"Olga said that according to all evidence found people who were killed by snipers on both sides - both the police and people in the street were killed by the same sniper. She showed me photos, reference and the views of physicians talking about the same handwriting, type bullets. yet more cause suspicion that the new coalition does not want to investigate the exact circumstances of what happened . rush growing understanding that stands behind these snipers not Yanukovych , and some of the new coalition . This is highly irritating factor. discredit this new coalition from the start , "said Paet .
The recording was released on the Internet by an officer of the Security Service of Ukraine.
U.S. sources spend $ 20 million a week to fund , including arming leaders Maidan .
The main threat to peace in Ukraine that Banderovskite radical nationalist forces that actually took power throughout western Ukraine , the regional Interior Ministry and security services are already well armed , and judging by the statements are ready for the start of full-scale actions to attack the south-eastern part of Ukraine and Crimea.
A true leader is the leader of the group " Right sector " Dmitry Yarosh .
Radical though his organization first announced that it intends to comply with the ceasefire and " no agreements " signed the EU ?
" Someone out there wants to stop the popular uprising in the way of proclaiming false cease-fires . " Said the leader of the group Dmitry Yarosh .
There is a conflict of identities in Ukraine and currently the largest natural engine of the protests is the low quality of life and pro-European illusory hopes.
  Oddly, four Bulgarian television with national coverage and mainstream media in Bulgaria , consciously putting their heads in the sand and maintain fascist groups as they did and do to protect Syria - Al Qaeda thugs .
 It is European and pro-American solidarity, but to defend fascist or extreme Islamist organizations only because coincidence of interests - general hatred towards Russia is hardly the most appropriate Bulgarian position.

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