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London and Paris quarreled for sanctions against Russia, Merkel softened U.S. most vicious.

London and Paris quarreled for sanctions against Russia, Merkel softened U.S. most vicious.

After the reply, "Fuck the EU," Assistant U.S. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, though the U.S. is trying to put Europe and Russia as possible greater confrontation and delay as they can to the EU economy and Rusiya.Frantsiya already bound stopping the "Mistral", with similar financial activities from London, that can not happen.
Russia will enter another gas deal with China and thus insured against any sanctions.
Britain will push for tougher sanctions against Russia, the newspaper Guardian; but there is no word about the blocking of accounts and the capital of Russian oligarchs in London City.
 Hague, British Foreign Secretary said that the British would want "the most powerful set of measures" in terms of the Russian Federation and to shorten military cooperation, arms sales and the EU's dependence on Russian energy sources.
The gun sells mainly France (the "Mistral") and dependent on Russian energy sources are all but those Englishmen.
A day earlier, the French foreign minister said that if Moscow does not change the position of Ukraine, Paris can refuse to provide helikopteronosachi model "Mistral".
 However, the French commit any such share by the British - to do the same with the assets of Russian oligarchs in London?
"Sanctions should affect all" - said the head of French diplomacy Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, emphasizing that the termination of the contract for the supply of "Mistral" will adversely affect the French side.
So nothing new-England and France are interested only by their own economic interests.
Merkel closed the German NPP and Germany to bring unprecedented energy dependence of Russians said that Russia is excluded from the G8, "regardless of the Accession Treaty of the Crimea to the Russian Federation, Russia remains a member of the G8, and is frozen is just preparation for the meeting in Sochi in June, Merkel said at a news conference with Portuguese Prime Minister in Berlin.
 Plevneliev did convene an extraordinary KSNS for Ukraine?
Parliament postponed adoption of the declaration of Ukraine, "while the Bosses are kicking ass ...".
Already been prepared three projects - GERB, BSP and "Attack." Anyway, the parties will have to present his position to the planned sanctions against Russia.
From "Morgan Stanley": you said that Russia is too big for penalties from anyone.
Penalties proved a mixed blessing for the EU and the U.S..
Even rumors of sanctions caused backlash among large companies, stock traders and banks. Outflow of capital became bilaterally.
Russian companies and banks gave billions from the EU, because of expected sanctions against Russia and the freezing of assets. Among them are the largest Russian banks - Sberbank, VTB and the giant Lukoil, writes the Financial Times.
138.6 billion left U.S. Fed, as its securities by the Fed have downloaded a number of central banks and the capital is taken to Russia.
To change the view of Putin's United States seems particularly difficult when there is weakest president against itself.
 But the Americans to consider how the Russian-American relations may affect America's ability to solve tasks and bring you own Beijing to Moscow.
A Doku Umarov, no less an enemy of Russia of Americans went to a better place, said the site of the group "Caucasus Emirate".
Central government in Ukraine is losing weight in areas "Right sector" Furniture is a private army - "Guard" and the regular army is demoralized.
What exactly will happen in Transnistria, Donetsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson,
Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Mariupol and other places no one dares to predict.

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