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Europe definitely does not impose economic sanctions against Russia. Summit-fudge.

Europe definitely does not impose economic sanctions against Russia.

The EU imposed economic sanctions against Russia over the situation in Ukraine, but only freeze assets and impose a travel ban on 12 more Russians and Ukrainians.
Moreover, the EU canceled the meeting of the Russia-EU summit scheduled 3 June
Infinitely harmful bureaucrat Barroso said, however, that
 work in different areas, which can have long-lasting (harmful) consequences for relations
 EU-Russia relations in the economic sphere?
 Merkel threatened economic sanctions if Russia invaded eastern Ukraine, after receiving assurances from Putin.che Russia has no such intentions.
What exactly will happen in Transnistria, Donetsk, Kharkov, Odessa,
Nikolaev, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Mariupol and other places nobody dares to predict, but the escalation of ethnic tensions between Polish (Ukrainian) and Russian-speakers is growing.
The European Union finally agreed otherwise useless summit to share information on bank customers and their income, which in fact waive bank secrecy.
Russian companies and banks gave billions from the EU, because of expected sanctions against Russia and the freezing of assets. Among them are the largest Russian banks - Sberbank, VTB and the giant Lukoil, writes the Financial Times.
Bulgaria will support large ikomonicheski sanctions against Russia before the European Union to take into account the impact of such measures, Prime Minister Oresharski forward Reuters.
 EU unlikely to reach a unified position on economic sanctions against Russia, as many countries have substantial economic and financial interests in Russia, said European Parliament President Martin Schulz after meeting with the leaders of the EU countries.
It turned out that the Russian banking sector has done much to connect to the global sistema.Taka that losses will be shared.
 Federal Reserve went rumors that the Russian Central Bank has taken measures to ensure their own vulnerability.
And "The Wall Street Journal" on Friday released a similar article.
138.6 billion left the Fed, as its securities by the Fed have downloaded a number of central banks and the capital is taken to Russia.
Seventy-two military units and institutions in the armed forces of Ukraine, stationed in Crimea, including six battleships and 25 other vessels of the Ukrainian Navy, raised the state flag of Russia.
Russia closed its borders to Ukrainian production and practice CONOMIC impose an embargo on exports from Ukraine to Russia.
Ukraine will be able to sign the economic part of the Association Agreement with the EU after the presidential election and will sign the political part.

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