Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blame Russia's military aggression , landing in Simferopol , off communications and blocking Ukrainian customs .

Blame Russia's military aggression , landing in Simferopol , off communications and blocking Ukrainian customs .
Acting President of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov make a televised address to the nation , which accused Russia of aggressive actions " Abkhazian scenario. "
"The Russian Federation has unleashed wanton aggression against our Ukraine - said Turchinov .
They used their armies to conquer not only the Parliament and the Council of Ministers of Crimea , but also gain control over civilian objects , communication , trying to block the Ukrainian troops. We provoke plays Abkhaz scenario " - said Acting President of Ukraine .

Russian military blocked the Ukrainian border and customs post at Balaclava .
 On Friday afternoon , according to the site " Sevastopol news " unknown armed soldiers blocked the Ukrainian customs checkpoint .
Random output of Balaclava standing rocket launch , thereby blocking access of Ukrainian ships.
Balaclava is a point to base nuclear povodnitsi and has a large concentration of nuclear munitions that really must be reliably protected .
Later on Friday , it was reported that in the city of Sevastopol were collected flags of Ukraine and replaced with the flag of the Russian Federation.
Russian aircraft carrying nearly 2,000 troops on board , landed at an air base near Simferopol, say Western media.
" 13 Russian aircraft landed at the airport in Gvardeyskoe to Simferopol with 150 people ," said Sergei Kunitsyn , Special Representative of the Ukrainian President in Crimea.
It is unclear whether Russia sent additional troops under their contracts with Ukraine.
Airspace over Crimea is closed . Airport in Simferopol not accept aircraft and shall not depart samoleti.Vazdushnoto space above Simferopol will remain closed to civilian aircraft until the evening of Saturday. All flights have been canceled. The ban will run until 18.30 hours local time on March 1 , but can be extended .
In Sevastopol fighters for defense teams have taken over the building of " Ukretelecom ." The Telecom can not provide a link between the peninsula and the rest of Ukraine. Landlines over 80 % of the city's residents do not work. No internet connection. Damaged fiber optic cable.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine protested against Russia in the note :
 " for violation of airspace and for violating the conditions of residence of the Black Sea Fleet ."
Security Council of the United Nations held a brief " private meeting " and consultations to discuss the rapidly changing events in Ukraine.
"Every act of invasion would have serious consequences ," said the acting president of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov .
 Barroso urged the new interim leaders of Ukraine to seek "political dialogue " in the Crimea after the dramatic intensification of tensions .
Russian Foreign Ministry said that the Russian side has submitted a counselor of the Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow Ruslan Nimchinsk , note the movement of armored vehicles of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea , under the Russian-Ukrainian agreements.

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