Thursday, February 27, 2014

Occupied a parliament of Crimea in Simferopol.

Occupied a parliament of Crimea in Simferopol.

Over the parliament building was erected in the Crimea flag of Russia, the Interior Ministry sources said.
The building, which houses the Verkhovna Rada and the Council of Ministers of Crimea was conquered by gunmen.
Around 04.00 hours local time were about 30 people who are displaying the police later arrived bus with about 30 people with a large amount of ammunition, including rifles, sniper rifles and grenade launchers.
Currently, police in Simferopol is raised in alarm. The police sealed off the area around the building of the Crimean parliament.
Failed attempts Crimean Prime Minister Anatoly Mogilev to negotiate with the occupiers of the government building, held in the lobby on the ground floor.
The occupiers said they are not authorized to negotiate and make requests.
Crimean Prime Minister has given a phone number for contact.
Wednesday due to clashes between demonstrators for and against the new government in Kiev had failed meeting of the Supreme Council, which was to determine the relationship of MPs to recent events in Ukraine.
The number of wounded in the Crimea to 35 people and killed two of them.
Ethnic Russians in the Crimea are a little over half of the population. The peninsula is based on the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, which Moscow pays an annual rent of about $ 100 million.
Crimea was transferred from Russia to Ukraine in 1954 Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev g.ot Ukrainian by birth and then leader of the USSR.
 Yanukovych extended the deadline for giving bases to 2024.
In Sevastopol, the city with the largest Russian populations in the country, Russian citizen Alexey Chaly was proclaimed Mayor of the City, replacing the post of government-appointed person.
Officials in Kiev have condemned the move, but the local head of police, Alexander Goncharov said it will not do anything to remove the new mayor. He said he has no intention to follow "criminal orders" issued by "false" administration that seized the capital.
Sevastopol branch of Special Forces "Berkut" will not be dissolved, promised the townspeople new mayor Alexey Chaly.

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