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Could Islamist Erdogan losing Turkey?

Could Islamist Erdogan losing Turkey?

There is no longer any chance for Turkey to join the European Union, led by Erdogan , before power come true secular government .
 Now about 70 % of Turks believe Erdogan's government is highly corrupt .
Erdogan 's intentions fail to destroy the secular republic of Kemal Ataturk and won the presidential election in August , make Turkey a presidential republic and manage dozens of years.
And if you can be honest and undistorted election?
The opposition Republican Party is likely to win with the votes of the Alevis , who are secular . The Republican Party is critical of the concept of neo-Ottomanism as harmful to the country.
Even Fethula Gulen , recently hinted that he could make his followers who have millions in Turkey to vote for the Republican Party .
The corruption scandal that broke and arrested 18 people, including sons of two ministers and 10 ministers were replaced , probably took " great friend of the failed former prime minister of Bulgaria , Borisov " - Erdogan power.
Naturally Erdogan revenge for revelations of corruption and scandal
 fired and fired hundreds of employees of the Metropolitan Police , first heads of police departments Unraveling corruption scandals.
 Police detained earlier more than 50 people - businessmen, employees and their relatives - on suspicion of fraud in tenders , abuse of office and bribery . All detainees are close to Erdogan - Members of the ruling Justice and razvitieto.Ikonomicheski damage caused by a corruption scandal people Erdogan in Turkey has exceeded $ 100 billion .
Three members of a government whose children are involved in the scandal , resigned : Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Erdogan Bayraktar , the Turkish interior minister Muammar Guler and Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan . One week after the arrests , Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan replace ten ministers.
The loss of political war between Erdogan and Gulen Fethula spiritual leader .
 Erdogan will put in jail because he faces 13 corruption process frozen when he became prime minister.
Pollster showed that Islamist Erdogan 50% rating fell to 40% in just a few months.
The opposition Republican Party by 20% gets 30 %.
Nationalists earn serious rates and the two main opposition parties have already made significant precedence over Islamist Erdogan .
 Turkey Erdogan's threat and quarreled with most neighboring countries. Europe will take seriously without Turkey Erdogan.
Now there is no chance for Turkey to join the European Union, led by Erdogan before power come true secular government .

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