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Ukraine is doomed regardless of the development of violence .

Ukraine is doomed regardless of the development of violence .

Extreme right of the "ten sector " and followers of Bandera movement of " Trident " sustained protests and displace moderate leaders.
Go to create a space part of the territory of Ukraine, which is not subject to the central government , and claim statehood .
In Kiev resumed clashes between Special Forces "Berkut" and activists of the far right of the "ten sector " and followers of Bandera .
Fighters "Berkut" threw several sound grenades against aggressive -minded supporters of the opposition, which in turn are thrown against the police several bottles of lighter fluid .
Violent clashes , shattering Kiev, provoke recently by far-right group " Right sector ." Activists its helmets and sometimes masked face with sticks in their hands against special forces riot "Berkut" , pelt them with Paul and cocktails " Molotov " . " The right sector " , said the fight only for the removal of President Viktor Yanukovych.
"We, the nationalists have to take domestic occupation regime through revolution. No other way ," said Andriy Tarasenko .
Movement practice arose from the refusal of the President to sign the agreement with the EU for rapprochement with Moscow , and the last days apparently radicalized by adopting more extreme positions than those of the protest leaders and unites groups of football fans , and is organized by social networks .
" The right sector " despise them quiescent by two opposition leaders - boxing champion Vitali Klitschko and Arseny Yatsenyuk close to Yulia Tymoshenko, who is in jail.
The only known ally of the "ten sector " is the movement " Trident " confessing " Ukrainian nationalism " .
It does it is inspired by the ideas of Stepan Bandera - founder of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army fought against Soviet rule and considered the ally of the Nazis during World War II.
On Wednesday and Thursday consisted negotiations between the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych opposition leaders , during which the parties implement their declared truce .
After meeting with Yanukovych opposition Arseny Yatsenyuk said there is a chance to halt the bloodshed and Vitali Klitschko announced that they would release the detained activists hundred today if demonstrators are downloaded from the site of clashes in the capital's center and stop resistance to special forces "Berkut" . Otherwise, we will arrest those days nearly 1,000 demonstrators .
The protesters booed and opposition leaders rejected these conditions.
As with any revolution , more moderate leaders first fall first.
The demonstrators believe that there is no point for new negotiations. They voted on the Maidan to continue his campaign .
Under Siege are the administrative centers in Lviv , Rovenska , Ivano-Frankivsk, Zhytomyr and Khmelnytskyi , in Poltava protesters were convinced the police to withdraw.
Sign in with force in the office of the governor was in Ivanovo- Frankivsk and Rivne , attempts have been made in Zhitomir .
In Lviv demonstrators occupied the administrative offices and forced Oleg Salo , head of the district administration to sign a letter of resignation .
West increase pressure on official Kiev , which allegedly called for dialogue, but actually insisted Yanukovych fulfill all demands of the opposition.
EU once again demonstrated weakness and weakness with unclear messages and policies.
For years, Russia and most EU countries led and lead antiukrainska policy , the Parties shall by all means to circumvent a variety of reasonable or designs for new gas and oil pipelines .
Institute for National Security of Ukraine a few years ago published analytical material that does not preclude the establishment of a protectorate and territorial division of Ukraine.
A candidate for President of Ukraine and the Mayor of Uzhgorod Sergei Ratushnyak said bad things ahead of time on this issue :
"In fact, each of the areas of Ukraine , it is a separate subculture.
Besides the main Zakarpattia , chernovetska and Crimean there are several subcultures.
Do not you perceive as a nation unique in its diversity , we will not take place as a state.
 In our country in Sub-Carpathian foothills has very strong separatist sentiment , not because we want to become part of Poland, Romania or any other country , but because they have created attractive country and 90% of us want to leave . "
Seem stressful and statistics for " fastest shrinking cities in the world " where Ukrainian cities occupy unenviable position:
1. Kiev (Ukraine) - decrease from 1990 to 2025 - 16.78%
3 . Donetsk (Ukraine) - decrease 14.22%
10 . Kharkiv (Ukraine) - decrease of 8.95%
13. Odessa (Ukraine) - 7.42% reduction.

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