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Flu epidemic coming. In 70% isolate swine flu , A (H1N1), " California ."

Flu epidemic coming.
In 70% isolate swine flu , A (H1N1), " California ."

70% in cases of influenza isolate A (H1N1), " California" with major changes in protein level in the virus , which means that those who have suffered have only partial immunity against it , said chief health officer, Dr. Dr. Angel Kunchev in Reporter . The highest incidence in the age group 0-4 (average for the country over 515 children in 10 000 ), followed by the age group 5-14 , the ( 341.35 to 10, 000) .
Infected with influenza make a hard, dry cough that does not respond to treatment and lasts for about 3-4 weeks.
Vaccines do not help , because changes in strains of "California ." Flu vaccine this year has a partial action , warned the chief health inspector .
Curiously attitude of Bulgarians towards influenza vaccines in the poll on the website of the Ministry of Health :
Do you approve flu vaccines ?
- Yes , I approve them 163 voice (s) - 23.9%
- No. 468 voice (s) - 68.7%
- Do not know 50 vote (s) - 7.3%
Total: 681 voice (s).
There are samples of virus type A and type B. Before the days were recorded , and two cases where it is proven cross of two viruses - A (H1N1) pdm09 and A (H3N2).
Flu epidemic expected Tuesday in Sofia , Yambol, Pleven, Pazardjik , Vidin where incidence has already reached critical levels .
In Burgas , schools closed and said first influenza epidemic on Friday .
Varna even daily , only registered cases of flu are over 53 .
Capital Regional Health Inspectorate announced the influenza epidemic in Sofia from 23 yanuari.Uchenitsite is expected to be released in 7-day flu vacation.
Surprisingly affected sealed off in schools in Sofia will be declared , comments for " Diary" head of Sofia Inspectorate of Education Vanya Kastreva .
Currently in municipal kindergartens and schools will need to declaring a flu vacation. That said Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova quoted by Focus yesterday.
Why Sofia mayor and education bureaucrats think they understand more of influenza epidemics by the health authority has yasno.Dano not personal animosity and party at the back of the children.
The Health Inspector Dr. Angel Kunchev " expected cold snap has little impact in restricting the spread of influenza , it is not essential. Wave once running flu , it develops its own laws ," he said live on BTV you .
About Varna during 10.01.2014g . - 16.01.2014g . registered 372 suffering from flu and ARD / 19 cases of influenza and acute respiratory diseases with 353 / 254 against ill the previous week . Highest number of reported cases are in the age groups 15 - 29 years . / 99 events / 5- 14d . / 95 cases / , 30 - 64d . / 87 events / , followed by groups of 0-4 / case 62 / 65 years / 10 cases / . Diagnosed flu Infectious Clinic Hospital " St. Marina" has received 19 patients. There are 59 patients with complications from influenza and ARI - 22 with pneumonia and 37 - with bronchitis .
The virus is the result of two modified strains of influenza that are already
confirmed laboratory in the U.S..
Recently the chief sanitary inspector Dr. Angel Kunchev not hide that the flu is one of the most insidious diseases as causative his constantly changing. It becomes almost impervious to vaccines , and one can not be sure that you will not get sick .

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