Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The decline of GERD. Increasingly members left the party, and decay of the parliamentary group.

The decline of GERD.
Increasingly members left the party, and decay of the parliamentary group.

Elections for 41 National Assembly held on July 5, 2009, GERB won 39.7 percent.
On June 7, 2009 GERB won in elections for MEPs with 24.36%.
The first round of presidential elections Plevneliev and Popova lead (with 40.11 percent) to the presidential couple BSP Ivaylo Kalfin-Stefan Danailov (28.96%). [23] and the runoff with 52.58% (1,698,136 votes) against candidates BSP.
 Antitrust protests, which began on February 5, "brought down" cabinet "Borisov" on February 20, 2013
Early elections for 42 National Assembly, GERB took 30.5%.
With the help of nationalist BSP and MRF have been given a guaranteed majority of 121 votes.
And slowly and surely GERD embarked on NMS-to nothingness.
DSB and UDF Kuneva rejected Coalition with GERB on any occasion, although willing to pier when necessary or to stab him in the back with the other.
"Gallup" in November 2013 - 21.4% BSP, GERB 18.1%, Reform bloc 6.7%, 5.9% DPS, Ataka 2.4%,
Spark Fidossova was exempt from all national positions in the party and withdraw from parliament after the scandal with the famous Philip â notebook in which figured initials I.F.
Tsvetanov proved to be a third-charge of embezzlement on a large scale-lev 50 000 MI budget.
He spoke for a new pre-trial proceedings for influence peddling against Boyko Borisov.
Borisov was twice interrogated for two days.
Mavericks GERB created a new political party "Bulgarians alternative to fear, totalitarianism and apathy" - BASTA.
A little later "media" saw a significant difference, nearly 6% between BSP and GERB 22.8% to 16.9%.
BSP, DPS and GERD Mary rallies. BSP and MRF managed to collect about 50,000 and GERD transported to Plovdiv nearly 15,000.
And Stoichkov deny GERB and Borisov: "He thinks he would return to power. No. People are not simple, they saw what was going on and how much screamed," said Stoichkov.
Extinguished and the protests and early risers and late.
Increasingly, members of GERD leave the party and this is no longer news.
Started and predictions breakdown of the parliamentary group.
GERB MP Georgi Markov left the band Borisov and become an independent, said he told the "Press."
Markov leaves aggrieved by the actions of their colleagues as "political commissars".
NMS for 12 years came to less than 1% in the same time is gone and GERB leader Borisov and Tsvetanov.

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