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Revolution in Ukraine?

Revolution in Ukraine?

Over half a million Ukrainians flooded the streets of Kiev demanding the resignation of the government , erected barricades there are calls for a takeover of grada.Grupi , chanting "revolution" .
 Protest leaders urged the president to 48 hours to sack the government , arrested Interior Minister Vitaly Zaharchenko and " be arrested and released political prisoners ."
Threaten President Viktor Yanukovych to be blocked in your resident .
Masked group , which are supposed to be of the nationalist party "Svoboda" , broke down and broken with hammers statue of Lenin.
The opposition has distanced itself from the Shares.
 Erected barricades of cars and available materials around key buildings vlasttai buck tents.
Main role playing party Julia Timoshenko.Te calling protesters " to pursue Yanukovych until fall ."
Created a " National Assembly " with " revolutionary commander " with the capital of MP Nikolai Katerinchuk the party " Batikivshtina " Yulia Tymoshenko. "The Revolution defeated only when defeated in the capital ," he said , " RBK - Ukraine " and promised " to discard the President of the Municipal Council of his office because they perform their duties. "
Raised slogans against the pro-Russian Ukrainians minded " people from Donetsk out of Kiev ".
SBU investigate politicians on suspicion of taking " actions to seize state power ."
Opposition , said that "this is not just a revolution , this is revolution of dignity ."
"The signing of an agreement to create a new Soviet Union would result in degradation of Ukraine " warned Arseny Yatsenyuk , an opposition leader .
 Barroso discussed the situation by telephone with Yanukovych and summoned him to seek dialogue with his opponents and respect the civil rights of Ukrainians.
 For years, Russia and most EU countries led and lead anti Ukrainian politics , the country their best to circumvent a variety of reasonable or designs for new gas and oil pipelines .
    Ukraine wants an emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund and the EU, but did not receive , but received empty promises .
Ukraine desperately needs the money because they are placed at risk its ability to pay salaries, debt , and that is crucial to its neighbors - the bill for the gas supplied by Gazprom .
Institute for National Security of Ukraine a few years ago published analytical material that does not preclude the establishment of a protectorate and territorial division of Ukraine from Russia.
Conflicts of identity and the risk of state failure in Ukraine becomes more real , which may again lead to more severe gas crisis than that of 2009 .

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