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Conflict of identity and the risk of state failure in Ukraine.

Conflict of identity and the risk of state failure in Ukraine.

Bronislaw Komorowski , Polish President will convene the National Security Council to discuss the situation in Ukraine.
It's no secret that most of Western Ukrainians are considered " shlyahta ."
Ukraine 's parliament on Tuesday to discuss the situation in the country , said today after a meeting.
The European Union is considering sanctions against Ukraine and did not want the resignation of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych said at a press conference a spokesman for the European Commission.
Local authorities in the Russian regions seek urgent meetings and introducing emergency.
In Odessa district and city council want the president " to prevent the violation of constitutional order in Ukraine and division of society."
In Dnepropetrovsk Igor Ogorodnikova , chairman of the board , said declaration will support the government in Kiev and his decision to suspend the association with the EU.
Poltava and Kharkiv prepare a statement in support of the government and called for an emergency .
Lviv and Lviv region in Western Ukraine in general strike on Monday, chairman of the Regional Coordinating Council.
 Ukraine , or more precisely Western Ukrainians want to earn the right to have a separate Russian history, including his own historical myth.
   For years, Russia and most EU countries led and lead anti Ukrainian politics , the country their best to circumvent a variety of reasonable or designs for new gas and oil pipelines .
Imagine how they feel Ukrainians.
    Ukraine wants an emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund and EU, but not receiving it .
Ukraine desperately needs the money because they are placed at risk its ability to pay salaries, debt , and that is crucial to its neighbors - the bill for the gas supplied by Gazprom .
Institute for National Security of Ukraine a few years ago published analytical material that does not preclude the establishment of a protectorate and territorial division of Ukraine from Russia.
Seem stressful and statistics for " fastest shrinking cities in the world " where Ukrainian cities occupy unenviable position:
1. Kiev (Ukraine) - decrease from 1990 to 2025 - 16.78%
3 . Donetsk (Ukraine) - decrease 14.22%
10 . Kharkiv (Ukraine) - decrease of 8.95%
13. Odessa (Ukraine) - 7.42% decrease
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