Saturday, November 30, 2013

White House calls for the overthrow of the government of Ukraine peacefully .

White House calls for the overthrow of the government of Ukraine peacefully .

The website of the White House has been uploaded petition in support of the Ukrainian people for the peaceful overthrow the current government.
" The current government of Ukraine is flawed and does not think about the people in the state has a terrible road conditions , a large number of people live below the poverty level , officials and their families are above the law. " said in the petition.
"The president and the ruling party mass plundering the state budget, mislead people , and have repeatedly demonstrated their arrogant attitude towards them" - stated the text.
 " Final step " of the Ukrainian authorities refused to sign an Association Agreement with the EU.
" We appeal for support of Ukraine to overthrow the current government peacefully , to hold democratic elections to the European Parliament and bring to justice all those responsible representatives of the current government " - said in a petition posted to November 29 .

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