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Super Brawl as Metropolitan of Varna and Veliki diocese bishop Ignatius retired

Super Brawl as Metropolitan of Varna and Veliki diocese bishop Ignatius retired

Choosing Varna angered Christians and priests, because they were opposed to the metropolitan throne to sit on one of Plovdiv Bishop Nikolay-Agatonikiiski Bishop Boris.
Bishop Ignatiy Agatonikiiski Bishop and Boris are two candidates who will fight for the position of Bishop of Varna and Veliki bishopric.
The only local person among the contenders - 45-year-old Naum garnered 14 votes and was eliminated from the race.
Varna Christians created a nomination committee, which will urge the Holy Synod for annulling the election and holding new elections honest with worthy candidates.
Initiative Committee began collecting signatures in all temples the following:
We Christians from Varna declare that we do not accept the choice of on 17/11/2013 believes that the choice is flawed and manipulated. Protesting against the use of the Statute of the Orthodox Church to impose and legitimize backroom agreements and arrangements. Insist on canceling the election.
Insist that the Holy Synod to remove Bishop Boris from the list of candidates, because we are convinced that he is not worthy of being the pastor of the diocese of Varna and Veliki, as it lacks the necessary spiritual authority and no trust Christians.
On Monday we learned that Bishop Ignatius retired - sent a request to the Holy Synod, claiming that the election was flawed and the other two candidates Boris and Sioniy have to bear the penalties.
"All the choice and everything around it is a falsehood, an ugly staged. I mean all the information out that Bishop Boris was paying voters also Bishop Sioniy was paying voters. Need to stop this practice, not to mention that they should suffer the penalties under the rules of the church, "said Bishop Ignatius.
From the newspaper "Reporter" claim that 500,000 euros was worth election of a new Bishop of Varna-100 000 for five vicars of the five districts of Varna and Veliki diocese.
Five prelates had to instruct most of the 30 diocesan electors to broadcast "right" two among the 13 bishops entitled to become bishops.
But "standard" claims by sources from Sliven Bishopric that the published information on the withdrawal of Ignatius was not correct..
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