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Orthodox church calendar 2014-March 2014.

Orthodox church calendar 2014-March 2014.

March 1 - Saint Martyrs Evdokia
March 2 - St. Hieromartyr Theodotus, Bishop of Cyrene. Martyr Hesychius; Shrovetide (first Sunday before Lent and Farewell Sunday Forgiveness). From the next day, March 3, Lent begins.
March 3 - Liberation of Bulgaria. Holy Martyrs Eutropius, Basiliscus and Kleonik;
 Pure Monday - the beginning of Lent.
March 4 - Reverend St. Gerasimos Jordanian. Holy Martyrs Paul and his sister Juliana
March 5 - Martyr Conon. Martyr John the Bulgarian
March 6 - St. Forty-two Martyrs Amorites
March 7 - St. Seven sveshtenomachenitsi Kherson - Kherson bishops: Basil, Ephraim, Capitol, Eugene, Evteriy, Elpidiy and Agatodor
March 8 - Reverend St. Theophylact Nikomidiyski, the Sabbath day of the first week of Lent. Incoming: Todor Todorka.
March 9 - Forty Martyrs Sebastian. Martyr Hesychius; Sunday of Orthodoxy - First Sunday of Lent
March 10 - The Holy Martyrs Kodra, Satorin, Rufin, Galina and others. - From Corinth
March 11 - St. Sophronius of Jerusalem. St. Sophronius of Vratsa.
March 12 - Reverend St. Theophanes Confessor. Gregory Dvoeslov.Sv. Reverend Simeon the New Theologian
March 13 - St. Nicephorus, Patriarch of Constantinople
March 14 - Reverend St. Benedict of Norcia
March 15 - The Holy Martyrs Agapi, Timothy, and others with them. Martyr Nikandar. Martyr Alexander presbyter
March 16 - The Holy Martyrs Savin and Pope (Papias). Apostle Aristobulus, Bishop British. The Holy Martyrs Trophimus and Tal. Martyr Yulian.Sv. Hieromartyr Alexander, pope of Rome;
Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas - Second Sunday of Lent
March 17 - St. Reverend Alexios, a man of God
March 18 - St. Cyril, Patriarch of Jerusalem
March 19 - The Holy Martyrs Hrisant and Dariya.Sv. Reverend Thomas, Patriarch of Constantinople
March 20 - St. Reverend Fathers killed monastery "St. Sava "near Jerusalem. Holy Martyrs Photius. Seven Holy Martyrs virgins of Christ suffered Amasa. St. Nikita Reverend Archbishop Apoloniadski
March 21 - Prep.Yoan Ladder. Reverend St. James the Confessor
March 22 - St. Hieromartyr Basil, presbyter Ankirski.Sv. Reverend monk Isakiy. Holy Martyrs Drusilla
March 23 - St. Nicholas and his holy hundred uchenitsi.Sv. Reverend martyr Luke Edirne; Krastopoklonna Sunday - Third Sunday of Lent
March 24 - St. Reverend Zachariah. St. Artemy Bishop Selevkiya.Sv. Artemy, Bishop of Thessalonica.
March 25 - † The Annunciation (the Feast of All Minnelli) (Vechernya. Matins. St. John Chrysostom liturgy) (otdanie evening of celebration) (fish is allowed)
March 26 - Feast of St. Michael the Gavriil.Sv. Sofia Martyr George the Elder (Prezhdeosveshtena Mass.)
March 27 - St. Martyr Matrona of Thessaloniki
March 28 - Prep.Mariya Egypt. St. Hilarion Novi.Sv. Reverend Stephen Confessor Chudotvorets.Sv. Bojan martyr, Prince Balgarski.Sv. Hieromartyr George Bishop Zagorski.Sv. Hieromartyr Peter, priest Muglensky
March 29 - St. Reverend Mark Bishop Aretusiyski.Sv. Martyr Cyril deacon
March 30 - Reverend St. John Climacus
March 31 - St. Hypatius Hieromartyr, Bishop Gangarski..
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