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Orthodox church calendar 2014-February 2014.

Orthodox church calendar 2014-February 2014.

February 1 - Martyr Tryphon (Tryphon). Holy Martyrs Perpetua Fiviya (Predpraznenstvo of Candlemas)
[[February 2]
Feb. 3 - St. Simeon and Anna Bogopriimets prophetess
February 4 - Reverend St. Isidore Pelusiotski. Martyr Isidore (blissfully)
February 5 - Holy Martyr Agatha
February 6 - Reverend St. VUKO, bishop of Smyrna. Martyr St. Dorothea. St. Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople (blissfully)
February 7 - Reverend St. Partenii Lampsakiyski. Reverend St. Luke Helladic
February 8 - Holy Martyr Theodore Stratilat. St. Zechariah Sarpovidets
February 9 - Martyr Nicephorus. (Otdanie of Candlemas): Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee - first weeks of preparations for Lent and Easter (Pascha).
February 10 - * St. Hieromartyr Haralambos, Bishop of Magnesia. Hieromartyr St. Porphyry. Holy Hieromartyr Athanasius, Archbishop of Constantinople. Holy Martyr Valentina
February 11 - * St. Hieromartyr Vlasiy, Bishop Sebastian. Martyr George of Sofia New
February 12 - [Archbishop of Constantinople]]
February 13 - St. Reverend Martinian. St. Evlogii, Archbishop of Alexandria. St. Zoe and Foti. Reverend Simeon Serbian Novi Mirotochivi
February 14 - * Assumption of St. Cyril Slav. Reverend St. Avksentij (Souls)
Feb. 15 - Holy Apostle Onesimus
February 16 - The Holy Martyrs Pamphili and Porphyry. St. Flaviyan, Archbishop of Constantinople: The Sunday of the Prodigal Son - second week of preparations for Easter and Lent and Easter.
Feb. 17 - Holy Martyr Teodor Tiron. Reverend St. Roman Turnovo
February 18 - St. Leo, Pope of Rome
Feb. 19 - Holy Apostle Archippus
20 February - Reverend St. Leo, Bishop of Catania
February 21 - St. Reverend Timothy. St. Eustatius, Archbishop of Antioch
February 22 - Finding honest relics of St. Eugenia martyrs; Souls before Lent - Saturday Sunday against Mesopustna
February 23 - St. Hieromartyr Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna
February 24 - * First and second finding honest head of St. John the Baptist
February 25 - St. Tarasiy, Patriarch of Constantinople
February 26 - St. Porphyrius, Bishop Gazski
February 27 - Reverend St. Procopius Dekapolit
February 28 - Reverend St. Basil the Confessor. Reverend St. Marina and Cyrus Domnika. Proteriy St. Hieromartyr, Archbishop of Alexandria. Holy Martyrs Cyrus Thessaloniki
February 29 - Reverend St. John Cassian Roman. 

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