Monday, November 18, 2013

Occupation of Sofia University fell "partially".

Occupation of Sofia University fell "partially".

 "Early risers students" by litsata Boris and Nikolai Dulgerov Rangel said that the occupation of the university falls partially and remains only in the auditorium.
Recovered Monday morning classes at University and "Early risers students' invite colleagues to return to classes at Rector.
 The decision was made after a lengthy discussion during the day on Sunday. "Ultimately, the opinion prevailed that we defend our values ​​and we can no longer hinder his colleagues to attend lectures," explained later nyaky your Tsalov.
 "Early risers students' declare that they will continue to be active participants in the protest." We will continue to criticize government Oresharski. "
 Stay and the night guard of the university?-What exactly will guard?
Occupation did not fall, but the university will resume classes?
What exactly is this occupation without occupation?
As it twisted, this is no longer the occupation and intend only to show at SU and beyond, and to justify the occupation and to mimic sleep in the university.
    Nice job, but Bulgarian.

The management of the University of Sofia is exerting pressure on students repealing occupation, said on bTV Rector Prof. Ivan Ilchev.
"These are intelligent young people, all was clear that this situation could not last forever. It is detrimental to the majority of students. There are a large number of public active students, who do not like what is happening, "said the rector.
Students at an early declaration: "I will close the Rector at each new attempt to provocation."

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