Monday, November 18, 2013

Nationalist parties in Europe have united for the elections in May 2014?

Nationalist parties in Europe have united for the elections in May 2014?

French National Front, the Italian Northern League, "Sweden Democrats" Belgian party "Flemish Interest" and the Slovak National Party met in Vienna to discuss the union to return to Europe "back on the right path," said the FPO leader Heinz- Christian Strache.
The aim is to have to have a strong parliamentary party after the elections in May 2014.Evropeyska caucus must include the seven parties.
Upcoming talks with the Party of Independence of the United Kingdom.
Possible platform of the union is against the membership of non-European countries such as Turkey and wants to return to Brussels national decisions to Member States.
Six European far-right parties join forces before the European Parliament elections in May 2014 in an attempt to restrain Brussels and regain national power, said the Austrian Freedom Party.
Union will be formalized after further consultation meeting of all party leaders.
A little earlier Marine Le Pen and the head of the Dutch Freedom Party declared "historic" Union Eurosceptic parties in the elections.
Wilders' party was not present in Vienna.
Nationalist and far-right parties with a bad attitude towards a united Europe and to migration from other countries are gaining more support in Europe.
In September 2013, the number of Eurosceptics in the EU member states is 43%, while the Euro optimists - 40%. The remaining 17% - are undecided.
 Prime Minister of Italy, Enrico Letta admitted most likely after the elections in 2014 to reach anti European Council wrote Die Zeit.
12% of the vote, a Danish folk partiya.Na last election Finnish party "True Finns" received 19.1% of the vote, "Sweden Democrats" do not hide their motto "Sweden for the Swedes' and are represented in the Riksdag of 20 members.
Dutch "Freedom Party" of Geert Wilders advocates austerity and withdrawal from the EU, you can count on 27 of the 150 seats.
 Greek racist party "Golden Dawn" took 13% in the UK party "Independence of the United Kingdom" - 11%.
 French "Front National" Marine Le Pen could, according to pollsters to win the election in 2014.
Euroscepticism is growing rapidly especially in Eastern and Southeastern Europe.
Czech Party ANS billionaire Andrew Babin is 18.67% (48 MPs) - three percentage points above the projected results.

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