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Learn to breathe . Full and slow breathing.

Learn to breathe .
Full and slow breathing.

Breathing is the most important function of the body , every living organism can live for some time without eating less time without water , but without breathing life usually lasts minutes.
Proper breathing provides vitality and immunity against diseases. Control of breathing may prolong life , promote vitality .
Sedentary , urban lifestyle requires instructions on how to breathe. Person has suffered an adverse change under the influence of civilization. Bad habits when walking in an urban environment , standing straight and sitting habits distorted the proper and natural breathing. The percentage of civilized men who breathe correctly is very low.
Respiration , ie taking oxygen from the lungs and exhaling , release of carbon dioxide , release the body from toxic substances and purify the blood .
Physical health depends largely on the proper breathing . Almost all world religions contend for the correct habits of breathing.
Purely scientific , oxidation of blood is a phenomenon that results from breathing.
 Mechanics of respiration occurs by elastic motion of the lungs and the activity of the walls and the bottom of the chest cavity in which they are located.
There are four ways of breathing , upper, middle , lower and full breathing.
1 ) Upper respiratory - most common and the most sinful ;
With the lifting ribs , collarbone , shoulder and used to the upper chest and lungs, which is the smallest , therefore, only a minimal amount of air entering them .
Apply great effort and is best achieved little effect.
High Breathing is probably the worst some form of breathing and requires the greatest waste of energy to get the slightest advantage.
2 ) Average breathing ;
Rib breathing is less defects of the upper breathing, but is incomplete from the lower / abdominal / and full breathing. Diaphragm is raised, stomach - bent ribs are raised and the chest expands.
3 ) Lower breathing ;
The diaphragm is a large flat muscle which separates the bodies are in front of the chest and abdomen of organs therein.
In the lower , abdominal breathing lungs move more freely and thus inhales a large amount of air .
4 ) Complete breathing.
Only with full breathing filling the entire lungs with air , used to their full capacity.
Complete Breathing includes all the good from the high , medium and low breathing and aligns the entire respiratory system: each part of the lungs, every air every breathing muscle.
By this method, the diaphragm is under perfect control and is able to perform its functions properly with maximum benefit.
Full and slow breathing is fundamental to the whole science of yoga .
City people inhale and exhale about 20 times per minute. Oxidation of blood becomes faster , so that part of it can not be purified.
Rapid oxidation of the blood, leading to incorrect combustion in the body and a portion of the fuel material can be burned and is accumulated in the form of sludge in the arteries and veins.
Health involves the deliberate full and slow breathing.
And the Master Dunov recommended at least three times a day - morning , noon and evening, before bedtime , one must practice for 10-15 minutes, breathing slowly .
The teacher said so on this issue : "You have to study well the process of breathing so you can try it in physiological and psychological terms . Learn various methods of breathing, to see which methods you can apply to be the best . "
 It is true that breathing is a natural process , but modern urban man hurried breathing , only the upper part of the lungs drobovete.Dolnata not filled with air , so that the blood vessels in this part lose their elasticity, and the man himself choking . Such breathing is shallow , superficial, upper breathing.
Breathe deeply and slowly , deliberately , in any event in your life.
Ordinary respiration must be delayed and reaches 15 or less breaths per minute. When doing the exercises , you will strive to gradually reach fewer breaths per minute.
 Choose places with clean air to perform your exercises .
 Willing , include basic gymnastic breathing exercises .
For full breathing, inhale slowly through your nose to fill your belly with air, count to 5 , continue to breathe slowly , count to 5 again , expand the chest, while filled with air.
Hold your breath .
Exhale slowly through your nose , count to 10, bend your stomach until exhalation of air from the lungs.
For cathartic exhale, breathe more air as you expand your abdomen and jerk tighten abs and exhale air through the nose.
Breathe deeply , slowly and fully .

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