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IN BULGARIA reduces subsidies to political parties by 20%, and most of non-parliamentary by 50%.

IN BULGARIA reduces subsidies to political parties by 20%, and most of non-parliamentary by 50%.

Left MP George Kadiev has submitted the proposal to Parliament.
Reduce subsidies for political parties, eight political parties could lose between 285,000 and 2.2 million lev year.
Public subsidies for political parties to slash 8 million lev per year, which is about 20% of them.
Received 1% in the last elections for the National Assembly will have 6 instead of the current 12 lev lev aloud as parliamentary will retain 45 thousand Levs, they are entitled to a parliamentary seat, said importer.
Under the proposal, GERB will lose 2.2 million lev, BSP - 1.8 million lev MRF 800 000 lev less, but "attack" 500000.
Most-50% will be getting the money for extra-parliamentary forces.
NFSB Valeri Simeonov will be divided by 790 000 Levs, DBG on Meglena Kuneva 680 000 VMRO 400 thousand Levs and "vox populi" Svetlio Vitkov - with 285 000 lv.V time budget given by 12 lev for each received votes as the parliamentary forces, and make more than one percent in the last election.
Now the intention is to basically hit "reformers" Kuneva and other extra-parliamentary forces by over 1% - the amount of all to reduce the double.
 The calculations show that the money for extra-parliamentary parties will be reduced twice - instead of 6 million lev total they would have taken about 3 million lev
 With about 4 million lev you will reduce funds - GERB, BSP, DPS and "Attack."
 Small formations would be encouraged to participate in elections for entry into the National Assembly and not as now - just to reach the "golden one percent" that ensures a high subsidy.
These changes will be identified and spelled out in the Political Parties Act before its final adoption.
 First reading terminate rule grant money to follow the MP. So beloved of disaffiliation from one group and attributing it to the other party will not lead to an overflow of funds from the treasury of one party to another, as he had GERD.
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