Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gas crisis with gas transit through Ukraine to Bulgaria ?

Gas crisis with gas transit through Ukraine to Bulgaria ?

Ukrainian authorities to the signing of an association agreement with the European Union during the summit in Vilnius at the end of November. Before that Ukraine must quickly solve two pressing problems - debt to Russia for gas, and the case of Yulia Tymoshenko.
Emergency payouts wait long to " Gazprom " of $ 882 million for gas supplied in August and more than $ 1 billion for gas in October with 6% interest.
Chance Ukrainian "Naftogaz " to be able to find the required amount is not large, ITAR- TASS reported.
 Now the Russian company under the terms of the contract in 2009, can upgrade to the principle of pre- payment.
Ukrainian sources believe that " Naftogaz " is not able to pay before December 15, the advance payment for gas will significantly complicate relations between Ukraine and Russia.
Last chance was to increase the authorized capital of "Naftogaz" through the issuance of bonds of domestic government loan or signing an additional agreement with Russia to postpone the date of payment , without the introduction of pre- payment.
"Naftogaz" is unlikely to be able to find loans in Russia. Other experts predict that "Naftogaz" move to bankruptcy.
In the event of bankruptcy of " Naftogaz " Ukraine could split the assets between the new players - private gas companies.
This may prevent the signing of a European integration and lead to problems with gas transit to Bulgaria .

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