Sunday, November 10, 2013

Catastrophic disaster in the Philippines , wind 320 km / h tens of thousands of victims of typhoon Hyatt .

Catastrophic disaster in the Philippines , wind 320 km / h tens of thousands of victims of typhoon Hyatt .

The strongest typhoon ever recorded over land struck the Philippines.
Around 200 thousand city and dozens of villages were destroyed and erased from the earth.
Typhoon Hayani , interrupted communications area , home to over 220,000 people. Suspected victims are much more than previously announced , but a clearer picture will be when the military rescue teams able to orient themselves in the tragedy.
Over 1,000 people have become victims of typhoon Hyatt only in the coastal town Takloban . At least 200 others were killed in the hardest hit province of Samar .
More than 1,000 bodies have been spotted in the water Takloban .
Most of the victims were caused by large tidal waves driven by hurricane winds , reaching by the U.S. Navy to 379 km / h at sea.
Huge waves have swamped entire villages along and ruined the main town in the area.
Over 10 000 people have been killed only in the central part of the Philippines , said a senior police.
 From the coastline of one kilometer is nothing left . As a tsunami , "said Interior Minister Manuel Roxas , who is Takloban since the typhoon passed . " Do not know how to describe what he saw. Is terrifying "
Airport Takloban is destroyed, and the director told him that he was flooded with 4 Mitrova tidal wave destroyed the terminal.
The UN estimates that 4.3 million have been affected by the disaster.
Hyatt approaching typhoon forced Vietnam to evacuate more than 200 000 people. Hyatt is expected to sweep the central part of the country , two days after its passage in the Philippines.
Hundreds of thousands were evacuated before the arrival of the typhoon and nearly 1 million people entered shelters.
On Saturday afternoon, the typhoon was located over western province of Mindoro and its strength decreased from 5 to 4 degrees with winds of 220 km / h

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