Friday, November 22, 2013

Bulgaria buying nuclear reactors from the U.S. " Westin House" NPP " Kozloduy " .

Bulgaria buying nuclear reactors from the U.S. " Westin House" NPP " Kozloduy " .

Buy nuclear reactor NPP U.S. news came today during the visit of Minister Stoynev Washington .
Of course , such a transaction is currently more hypothetical , and find out the truth after a government decision .
Stoynev met with Deputy Secretary of State Robert Ichord responsible for energy resources . They discussed opportunities for greater cooperation between the two countries in the field of nuclear energy and strengthen economic ties.
Stoynev today met representatives " Westin House" and it comes to a nuclear reactor of subsequent generations of this company.
AP1000 reactor is known for their security measures and in the words of the company , if the Japanese nuclear power plant " Fukushima " there was this type of reactors, the accident would not have happened. The reactor would complement the capacities of " Kozloduy " when they stopped the sixth block.
Stoynev Minister also pointed out that this is the most advanced technology , and funding will come from the U.S. bank - " Eximbank " .
Forthcoming in the coming weeks , Economy Minister propose to the government to approve the mandate for negotiations with " Uestihnaus ." If the procedure occurs as planned construction would start in 2016 and will continue for 5 years.
We would like to ensure the stability of our energy system in the long term , we need to look for decades . This means first we have a very clear analysis of what capacity will require our country after 20 years and we are ready with measures to compensate and secondly to focus efforts to diversify energy supply of the country , also said during the meeting Minister Stoynev .
After Borisov squatted U.S. and refused NPP "Belene" , now we have some consistency in policy.
"Attack" submitted a draft to continue the construction of NPP "Belene" on November 21 in the records of Parliament, was distributed to journalists today.
It proposes to repeal two decisions of the National Assembly related to the plant - from March 29, 2012 termination of the construction and January 27, 2013 in connection with a referendum . Then NA reiterated the ICJ decision to stop the project "Belene" .

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