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When is Easter in 2014 ? Why is Easter change every year?

When is Easter in 2014 ?
Why is Easter change every year?

Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates Easter in 2014 on April 20 .

Easter 2014 is on April 20
Easter 2015 is on April 12
Easter 2016 is May 1
Easter 2017 is on April 16
Easter 2018 is on April 8
Easter 2019 is on April 28
Easter 2020 is on April 19

Other religious holidays of the Orthodox Church , which change depending on your date of Easter are:
 Meat Souls is the Saturday before Lent Meat .
 Meat has 8 Lent before Easter Sunday .
 Shrovetide is 7 Sundays before Easter.
 Kukerovden the Monday after Ash Wednesday .
 Theodore is always on Saturday of the first week after Shrove Tuesday .
 Lazarus Saturday , a week before Easter.
 Palm Sunday ( Palm Sunday ) on Sunday , a week before Easter.
 Ascension Thursday , the 40th day of Easter.
 Petdesetnishkata Souls on the Saturday before Pentecost.
 Pentecost ( Trinity ) is always on Sunday, the 50th day of Easter.
 Spirits' Day is always on Monday , 51 - the first day after Easter.

By definition of the First Ecumenical Council , the day of Easter is determined according to the testimony of the lunar calendar , but it does not coincide with the solar and this is the main reason for the variability of the dates associated with it.
 Lunar calendar determines the Jews (ie Jewish ) Passover in an indirect dependency from which the Fathers have set the date of the Christian Passover .
By decision of the First Ecumenical Council of Nicaea ( 325 ) Easter must be celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox (it is astronomical magnitude and occurs on March 21 , a few years time - March 22 ) but should not be celebrated before or together ( in one day) as the Jewish Passover because Jesus Christ was resurrected in " early in the morning on the first day of the week " , ie the first day after the Jewish seventh day Sabbath. " And that sabbath was a great day " (John 19:31 ) , ie, the first great day of the seven-day feast of unleavened bread , which is called the Passover to commemorate the deliverance of the Jews from the slaughter of all the firstborn among humans and animals in Egypt in their getaway and was celebrated by 15 (actually from sunset to 14) to sunset Nisan 21 Nisan ( spring lunar month among the Jews , respectively " floating " in terms of our own, the solar calendar ) .
Coincide with the Catholic Easter holiday which is valid for Protestants , and the entire Western world , there for the whole world (except the Orthodox parishes in the world ) should know that Catholics do not comply with the additional requirement that the Christian Passover not in conjunction with or prior to the Jews .
So Catholic Passover may coincide in one day the Jewish or even overtake her .

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