Monday, October 14, 2013

What we know about the 2014 Budget of Bulgaria ?

What we know about the 2014 Budget of Bulgaria ?

The budget for 2014 is downright " left " to promote social protection for the most vulnerable .
In macro for 2014 was recorded economic growth of 1.8 percent, Diffie than 2 percent and inflation of 1.5 per cent.
Budget 2014 would be four pillars - poverty , economic growth, education and healthcare.
One of the highlights in the budget for next year will be a business center , according to the Prime Minister .
Lev 656 million more will be social costs next year.
The increase in monthly benefits for children 5 lev will cost 48 million lev in addition to the current 400 million lev being spent annually.
The wages for the next year will increase by 10-12 per cent from July next year, and pensions to rise by 3 per cent from the same date .
Expected revenue in the budget for next year to 1.1 billion lev more than 2013 , and expenditures - 1.2 mlrsd . lev more.
The majority of the increased cost of 31.8 billion lev state plans to spend on pensions and social payments.
On January 1 the minimum wage should be 340 lev and the minimum pension to be increased to 155 lev and the maximum - 840 Levs
The budget of the state social insurance are expected to 100 million lev more revenue from insurance - the increase in the maximum insurable earnings from 2200 to 2400 lev lev , the rise in the minimum wage by 30 lev and the minimum insurance income.
10% reductions from 1 January 2014 , the administration of 11 000 of which will produce 100 million lev more.
Central government in 2012 reached 57,072 people from 42,628 people a year earlier .
In the 2014 budget is likely to be enshrined reduction in the budgets of almost all departments with between 10 and 13%.
Trancheff said that according to his unofficial information from the Treasury budget deficit now exceeds 500 million lev , which makes it particularly alarming situation in a poor country like Bulgaria.
For Trancheff social measures sounds good but is not seen a resource that promises to be fulfilled . " My belief is that there is no such resource , and that sooner or later, of course ."
IMF sees risks to fiscal stability of Bulgaria if

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