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What is health reform President Barack Obama ? Will crumble when smash the U.S.?

What is health reform President Barack Obama ?
Will crumble when  smash the U.S.?

Despite the suspension of the operation of government agencies , the Obama administration opens up new markets for insurance in 50 states for health reform.
 Obama aims to provide subsidized health care to millions of uninsured Americans - Obamakear , which is the most ambitious U.S. social program and the most utopian after the collapse of socialism.
Republicans define law as an inevitable failure that will increase health care costs to employers and limit recruitment .
 Hardly U.S. can financially support such an experiment.
Further expects 8 million people receive health insurance from the expansion of the government program for poor people.
The government has already delayed a year implementing key elements of the law that requires all employers with more than 50 employees to offer health insurance .
Uninsured Americans who receive health insurance from their employers will have to buy insurance or be fined by early January.
This week you can begin to buy health plans online in exchange for insurance.
Effects of the reform will be insuring more Americans and increase costs and destroy jobs .
 49% of Americans disapprove of the reform , while 41 percent disapprove .
U.S. consumer -based society in the last years of military force have a shortage of domestic savings and are mired in external debt, the lending worldwide.
U.S. stocks are overvalued and likely correction in the market down.
Military spending overextended the U.S. economy.
Some analysts predict final collapse of the U.S. .
Oklahoma has a law that says that if the federal government declared an emergency because of the military to the streets, if declared a curfew , the state of "withdrawing from the Union of States ."
 About 30 states have laws that say that if the federal government take such action , they will be released .
 Elementary analysis shows that the Obama encourages excessive consumption and borrowing, and punish people who save with artificially low interest rates.
U.S. Federal Reserve print enough paper to reduce the value of money - so it appears that the government pays by real value only cents of every dollar that has taken , for example in China and Europe.
There is something positive in the activities of Obama , the U.S. budget deficit for the first 11 months of the fiscal year has fallen by 35 percent to $ 750 billion , according to the U.S. Treasury .
For the first 11 months of the previous fiscal year, the U.S. deficit was 1.16 trillion. dollars.
The decrease was due to stronger revenues in the Treasury and the automatic spending cuts .

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