Sunday, October 13, 2013

U.S. Senate at an extraordinary meeting failed to resolve the crisis . China wants a new world order without the Americans.

U.S. Senate at an extraordinary meeting failed to resolve the crisis .
China wants a new world order without the Americans.

U.S. faces two unique crises bad luck Obama coincided in time.
Congress failed to agree on a budget for 2014 to the beginning of the new fiscal year on October 1 , which paralyzed the state administration and the October 17 deadline for raising the debt ceiling and the U.S. will be able to meet its obligations .
Negotiations in the House of Representatives on Friday made ​​no progress .
The U.S. Senate , in an emergency session to discuss how to end the stalemate with the budget and averted after three days the U.S. to fail .
A vote on the bill to increase the debt ceiling . The bill was supported by 53 senators , 45 spoke against , but this superiority was not enough for making a decision.
Senate again failed to resolve the crisis .
 Obama frantically run away from tying the two issues because that Republican blackmail the government for his notorious communist health care reform .
China and Japan, " burn" with U.S. debt to 2.4 trillion. dollars are becoming nervous.
Beijing holds U.S. government debt bonds worth 28.1 trillion. dollars, and Tokyo - in securities for 1.14 trillion.
 China now wants a "new world order" based on " equality " for developing countries.
Beijing argues that it's time for a new world liberated by the Americans .
We should note that at the moment U.S. government bonds maturing in 10 years are the foundation of the global financial system.
 The world 's leading bankers said they default on the bonds of the debt would be too terrible for planning and will have dire consequences for the global economy .

U.S. Bankruptcy rescued by law to increase the national debt by February 7th and renewal of funding.

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