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Talks with Merkel in Germany, Social Democrats and the Left Green coalition of strange .

Talks with Merkel in Germany, Social Democrats and the Left Green coalition of strange .

Conservative Angela Merkel , and their opponents in the German Social Democratic Party ended their first negotiations on forming a government failed, but with the proviso that they will meet again in 10 days.
Merkel and her conservatives look more favorably to the left and Green Party coalition , after difficulties in the negotiations with the Social Democrats .
Negotiations have been terminated and continue on October 14.
Green until recently thought such a coalition taboo and conservatives admit members of environmentally hazardous targeted party radicals.
The chances of a coalition between the Conservatives and the Green Party in Germany, now grown , some analysts believe .
This week the German Greens will elect a new ( possibly more centrist set ) leader of the parliamentary group and will start talks with Merkel's conservatives for a possible coalition with former political enemies.
" Chances for a coalition with the Greens increased in the last days of " theoretical "to" possible " , said over the weekend the Minister of Environment .
  Social Democratic Party brought some difficult conditions to form a coalition government with the Christian Democrats of Angela Merkel :
- Introduction of a minimum wage ,
- reform of the labor market and investment in education .
- infrastructure development, " fair " pensions.
- Reforms in insurance for regular medical care
- Adopt measures for economic stability in Europe.
I have not heard sotsialdemikraticheskata party has been waived by the initial announcement condition for a coalition with Merkel's CDU , if you split the power 50 to 50 , regardless of the election results.
 ( CDU / CSU ) seeks to provide the coalition with the Greens as a realistic option in order to bully the SPD for discounts.
The leader of the Social Democrats , Sigmar Gabriel still move then move " was not necessarily a tax increase " - something that until recently held the Social Democrats .
Apostasy stems from the insight that black - green coalition threatens them real.
Difficult is the idea of the unpopular coalition with Merkel , but power is sweet .
And the green could hear individual voices and a coalition between the Greens, the Social Democrats and the far-left party.
The election results are as follows:
Christian Democratic Union / Christian Social Union - 311 seats .
Social Democratic Party - 192 seats.
Left - 64 seats .
Green Party - 63 seats .

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