Thursday, October 10, 2013

Republicans offered an interim agreement on the debt ceiling , Obama thinks .

Republicans offered an interim agreement on the debt ceiling , Obama thinks .

Republican Party in the United States offer to President Barack Obama interim agreement to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for negotiations on the budget.
Presidential spokesman Jay Carney said Obama would consider the proposal of the Republicans for a short-term agreement on the debt ceiling , but does not guarantee that the President will sign the agreement because the presidential administration has not received details of the plan.
Finance Minister , Jack Lew warned once again lawmakers that the debt crisis in the U.S. could cause serious economic consequences:
" If Congress fails to meet its responsibilities , it can be seriously disruptive to financial markets, the ongoing economic recovery and preservation of jobs for millions of Americans ."
" If Congress does not act and the U.S. surprisingly can not pay their bills , the consequences will be serious ."
U.S. government bonds maturing in 10 years are the foundation of the global financial system.
Any missed payment of U.S. bonds will affect the status of the dollar as world reserve currency.
China and Japan, " burn" with U.S. debt to 2.4 trillion. USD U.S. urged to immediately find a solution to the budget crisis , as the stability of global financial markets is threatened .
U.S. banks are already preparing for bankruptcy.
Some prepare more cash from an ATM .
Other increases cash reserves of storage , according to Financial Times.

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