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Obama rejected the Republican plan for an interim agreement on the debt ceiling .

Obama rejected the Republican plan for an interim agreement on the debt ceiling .

U.S. Bankruptcy rescued by law to increase the national debt by February 7th and renewal of funding.

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 Barack Obama adopted a Republican plan providing for tackling debt for a period of six months announced by Washington.
The plan was to avoid deflot the country in mid-October.
The reason for this decision was the president that the plan did not provide for the resumption of financing public office .
Newspaper " New York Times " wrote that Obama rejected the Republican plan for extending the reach ceiling on government debt, because it does not provide simultaneous reactivation of federal agencies.
The leader of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives Eric Cantor set lasted an hour and a half meeting as useful and added that negotiations will continue.
"After discussing potential options have been taken a decision . President will continue to seek progress in the situation with representatives of both parties," says the official release of the White House after Obama's meeting with Republican leaders in Congress .
Finance Minister , Jack Lew warned once again lawmakers that the debt crisis in the U.S. could cause serious economic consequences:
" If Congress fails to meet its responsibilities , it can be seriously disruptive to financial markets, the ongoing economic recovery and preservation of jobs for millions of Americans ."
" If Congress does not act and the U.S. surprisingly can not pay their bills , the consequences will be serious ."
Due to the lack of budget in the U.S. for ten days do not work part federal departments and agencies , and hundreds of thousands of civil servants sent on unpaid leave .
The situation is exacerbated by the fact that on 17 October , according to the Ministry of Finance , the country may fail.
The United States have long reached the debt ceiling set by law at 16.7 trillion dollars , and can not make new loans.
Repayment of financial liabilities to other countries, including interest payments on government bonds , the Treasury was forced to use emergency measures such as the suspension of payments to the state pension and social funds.
However, his last reserves are depleted after six days.
This poses a serious threat not only to the U.S. but also the world economy - with disastrous consequences.
U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke expressed hope that the situation with the adoption of the budget and raising the debt ceiling will be authorized until 17 October at the traditional dinner of finance ministers and central bankers from the G20 .

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