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Nosodes against vaccines , homeopathy versus conventional medicine .

Nosodes against vaccines , homeopathy versus conventional medicine .

In the European Union normative document , which defines the role and importance of homeopathic remedies is the European Directive 27 of 2004
Homeopathic immunomodulating drugs in the category of nosodes for prevention of colds and flu is dangerous , warn experts in traditional medicine .
Nosodes is a homeopathic preparation made ​​from a pathological product of a disease .
The word comes from the Greek nosos, meaning disease.
There is probably a connection with the Latin noxa, root of the word noxious ( English - Harmful ) , in the sense that nosodes use potentially dangerous hazardous materials as a basis for medicine.
Preparation of nosodes derived from homo toxicology, type homeopathic treatment created by Hans - Heinrich Rekveg in Germany during the first half of the 18th century.
Vaccine manufacturers say that nosodes are dissolved mixture of fabric, pus , blood and secretions infected person or animal, said CBC News.
As that vaccines are not anything like
This mixture should "include" the immune system .
Orthodox modern scientific medicine - " allopathy " - the principle of treating the opposite , and for homeopathy hard - to -like .
Homeopathy is a method of drug treatment that every patient with a particular set of symptoms when prescribing medication likely to cause symptoms in healthy testers whose manifestations are similar to the symptoms of the patient. Drug stimulates the natural defense mechanisms of the body , leading to healing .
In September , the health authorities in Canada have tried to take control of the market nosodes with new guidelines for licensing.
According to officials , the package should have been a warning sign that says nnozodite not an alternative to vaccination.
But until now , the situation has not changed much.
Keen homeopathy still believe in the miraculous properties of nosodes .
Statistics show that people are increasingly turning to complementary medicine , and immunization of the population decline.
The problem is that in order to prevent the epidemic must be a certain percentage of the vaccinated subjects .
This will protect those who have not been vaccinated .
For example, in Canada , only 84% of the children from 12 to 23 months were vaccinated against measles , polio , diphtheria , pertussis and tetanus.
At the same time , to work against pertussis vaccination it is necessary to be vaccinated about 94 % of the population .
Where is the truth , I do not know .

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