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Juventus stumbled against Galatasaray.

Juventus stumbled against Galatasaray.

In Turin "Juventus" stumbled on "Galatasaray". Led by Roberto Mancini's team took the lead after 36 minutes with goals from Didier Drogba. The striker was set up in good position outside the penalty area past Gianluigi Buforn and dropped the ball on his door.
In the 78th "Bianconeri" then neatly tied by Arturo Vidal penalty awarded for an infringement against Fabio Kualyarela. It fouls the victim in a complete turnaround for the hosts in the 87th minute, scored with a header after a cross from Andrea Pirlo.
Seconds later, however, Drogba continued to head uncovered Bulut, who shot off bring point "Galatasaray".
"Real" is led by six points, followed by "Juventus" with two, "Galatasaray" and "Copenhagen" have one.

Group "A"
"Shakhtar" - "Manchester United" 1:1
0:1 Welbeck (18), 1:1 Tayson (76)
"Bayer" - "Real Sociedad" 2:1
Rolfes 1-0 (45) 1-1 Vella (52), 2-1 Hegeler (90)
Group "B"
"Juventus" - "Galatasaray" 2:2
0:1 Drogba (36), 1:1 Vidal (78 penalty) Kualiarela 2-1 (87) 2-2 Byulyut (88)
"Real" - "Copenhagen" 4-0
1:0 Ronaldo (21), 2:0 Ronaldo (65), 3-0 Di Maria (71), 4-0 Di Maria (90)
Group "C"
"PSG" - "Benfica" 3:0
Ibrahimovic 1-0 (5) 2-0 Markinyos (26), 3-0 Ibrahimovic (30)
"Anderlecht" - "Olympiakos" 0:3
Mitrolglu 0:1 (17) 0:2 Mitroglou (56) 0:3 Mitroglou (76)
Group "D"
CSKA - "Victoria" 3:2
Raytoral 0:1 (5), 1-1 Zoric (19), 2:1 Honda (29), 3-1 Resnick (78), 3-2 Bakos (90)
"Manchester City" - "Bayern" 1-3
Ribery 0:1 (7), 0:2 Muller (56), 0:3 Robben (59), 1-3 Negredo (79)..
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