Thursday, October 31, 2013

In the U.S. test a fighter - bomber of the fifth generation F- 35 using a laser-guided bomb GBU -12.

In the U.S. test a fighter - bomber of the fifth generation F- 35 using a laser-guided bomb GBU -12.

F- 35 is a multipurpose military vehicle designed by the use of " stealth " technology and can carry nuclear weapons.
U.S. successfully conducted the first test of a fighter - bomber of fifth generation F- 35 with the use of weapons.
F- 35 managed a shot Air Force Base " Edwards " in the Mojave Desert in California , said the Pentagon.
The Pentagon plans to buy from the corporation , manufacturer Lockheed Martin 2443 of these fighters - bombers from the fifth generation.
Bomber F- 35 was developed in three versions for the Air Force , Marine Corps and U.S. Navy .
With the United States within the project involved eight countries: Australia , Britain, Denmark, Italy , Netherlands, Norway and Turkey. They intend to buy about 730 of these aircraft .
From a height of about 7,600 meters , model airplane F- 35 B, fired a laser-guided bomb GBU -12, with a weight of £ 226.8, which struck a successful tank.
According to experts, these tests are an important step in the implementation of the program to build the F- 35 , which is one of the priorities of the U.S. Air Force and other budget cuts to the military.
From this moment "F- 35 has become a real military complex .
Expected date of delivery of the first aircraft armament is the 2016 cost of the new aircraft is $ 75 million .

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