Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hurricane " St. Judas " pogroms northern Europe after St. Petersburg and Finland , and at least 14 people were killed .

Hurricane " St. Judas " pogroms northern Europe after St. Petersburg and Finland , and at least 14 people were killed .

Storm "St. Judas " hit the UK, France, Netherlands , Germany, Denmark, Sweden , killing at least 14 people .
Hurricane winds uprooted trees , flooded coastal areas, left millions without power and disrupted transportation links .
Five people were killed in Britain and four - in Germany.
Two people died in the sea off the German coast yesterday. Fallen brick killed a man in Denmark, north of Copenhagen.
Uprooted tree killed a woman in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
A woman died in France after being dragged into the sea by a strong wave.
A woman has died in the Netherlands because of the storm that hit France and the UK also .
The woman was crushed by a fallen tree in the center of Amsterdam , and another man who was walking with the dead, is hospitalized .
Dutch police advised all citizens to remain in their homes.
Trains to and from Amsterdam were closed and rail transport was hampered by numerous fallen trees along the railway lines .
Trams in the Dutch capital is also not working .
Many flights to and from Amsterdam Airport " Schiphol " were delayed or canceled.
In many regions, has been declared " code red " because of the dangers of the element .
Because of the storm 65,000 households in France and 220,000 in the UK are without electricity .
Coming from the south of the Atlantic hurricane first passed through the area of southwest England and Wales.
Element paralyzed rail transport in the southwestern part of the country
 and took one victim , 14 - year-old boy could not come ashore and drowned in the sea.
Many trees were uprooted .
Currently confirmed death of at least six people in Germany. In various German cities have registered problems with public transport. In Hamburg, strong winds knocked down dozens of trees . In Hamburg has introduced a state of emergency because of the storm .
Tens of thousands of homes in Sweden remained without power because of Hurricane "St. "Judas " hit and Sweden.
 According to the Swedish Meteorological Institute , the wind speed is about 42 meters per second.
Storm warning was declared throughout the southwest coast of the country. We were without power about 90,000 homes. Sea links with Poland and Germany have ceased. Ferries do not travel to the Isle of Gotland.
Monday afternoon is closed and Yoresundskiya bridge between Sweden and Denmark.
Has stopped the movement of trains in the southern part of the country . Enclosed are airports in the cities of Malmö and Gothenburg. Rescuers never able to remove fallen trees .
This morning, the hurricane is expected "St. Judas " to reach Russia and St. Petersburg is threatened by flooding.
" Wind gusts in the area and in St. Petersburg will reach 15-20 meters per second to 24 meters per second. The strongest wind will be in the region of the Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladozhskoto where gusts could reach dangerous 25-28 meters per second . "
During the day in St. Petersburg possible flooding. Expected the wind to diminish until the night of October 30th.
Last natural element with a similar magnitude in 1987

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