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Government agencies in the United States stopped working . U.S. is in collapse.

Government agencies in the United States stopped working .
U.S. is in collapse.

Washington began the closure of U.S. government agencies
Congress failed to pass the budget, which had to keep stopping the operation of the government .
" Now the Federal Administration should begin to implement plans for the orderly closing ," said Burwell Head of Budget Office of the United States .
The head of the U.S. budget urged Congress as quickly as possible to take temporary operating budget that would allow government agencies to resume their work .
Only the military will continue to receive funding even if the government institutions be forced to stop work.
House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress adopted a bill on temporary funding that Democrats identified as unacceptable . Republican majority in the House approves financial measures to finance the state apparatus to 15 December and postpone for one year the implementation of health reform President Barack Obama , rejecting tax on medical devices included in the law of Obama.
The bill was rejected in the Senate , controlled by Democrats .
Each week of political paralysis will cost $ 8 billion .
The U.S. State Department will continue to work according to a statement Jen Psaki , a spokesman for the State Department.
" We will continue to work to secure national interests and defend them abroad , and to assist the occupants outside the U.S. compatriots ," said Psaki .
At midnight Eastern (U.S. ) time funding of federal institutions in the country were halted .
Stumbling block is the issue of the future financing of health care reform Barack Obama - a symbol of one of the main promises of the campaign before the first term and perhaps his most important accomplishment as president.
Lower house three times refused to endorse a temporary budget proposed by Democrats .
A few hours before the deadline Obama had a telephone conversation with House Speaker John Boehner and the Republican minority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell . However , they failed to agree .
From temporary leave are threatened by 800,000 to 2.1 million Americans in the public sector , many public institutions, including museums, national parks, and even the Statue of Liberty will be closed .
Will continue to work air traffic controllers , security agencies and security of prisons, but their salaries will be delayed until the resumption of the work of government.
NASA almost completely stopped except for the Mission Control Center, responsible for the astronauts on the ISS.
Due to budgetary disputes between Democrats and Republicans work of the U.S. government has been suspended before, in three weeks the doors of federal ministries and departments were closed in December 1995 - January 1996.
Urgent waiting decision another problem - the United States will reach the debt ceiling on 17 October.
It will be enacted if Congress does not reach agreement to raise the limit , said in a letter to Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew .
One of the " extraordinary measures " to keep the budget at the surface is the delay in payments to the pension fund.
By October 17 the government has made ​​available more than $ 30 billion and average daily budget expenditures amounted to $ 60 billion .

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