Sunday, October 20, 2013

Germany a little closer to the coalition. Social Democrats waive taxes for the wealthiest .

Germany a little closer to the coalition.
Social Democrats waive taxes for the wealthiest .

After Merkel failed in negotiations with the Greens , the only possibility of measures remains the establishment of " grand coalition " of the CDU , CSU and SPD ( SPD ) .
German Social Democrats presented their requests to Angela Merkel before official talks on forming a coalition.
 They are:
- include the introduction of a national minimum wage of € 8.50 per hour , equal remuneration for men and women
- a tax on financial transactions
- greater investment in infrastructure and education ,
- strategy to promote growth and employment in the euro area.
Social Democrats seem to do the " nod " by refusing to raise taxes on the richest Germans, which was part of the campaign of the APS .
If the Social Democrats quit and end the negotiations are likely to lead to new elections .
 Nobody talks and talks about a coalition with the leftists who have 64 seats .
Election results :
Christian Democratic Union / Christian Social Union - 311 seats .
Social Democratic Party - 192 seats.
Left - 64 seats .
Green Party - 63 seats .

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