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Debt and budget problems the U.S. destabilized the world, and now Egypt.

Debt and budget problems the U.S. destabilized the world, and now Egypt.

What does this intransigence in Washington for the U.S. economy, what are the prospects for policy management for the U.S. Federal Reserve and how it affects everything in the world?
U.S. banks are already preparing for bankruptcy.
Some prepare more cash from an ATM.
Other increases cash reserves of storage, according to Financial Times.
Obama is stubborn and set conditions: "I am ready to negotiate, but only after re-financing of public institutions and be raised the ceiling on the budget deficit. Specifically for health care reform - and the word is out about her cancellation reform has already started" .
State Department spokesman Jen Psaki claims that "U.S. frozen delivery of some major weapons systems and monetary assistance to the government to credible progress towards a democratically elected civilian government through free and fair elections."
Tvaedi that the decision was a result of violent actions against the "Muslim Brotherhood" and a coup to overthrow the first democratically elected president, reported news agency.
More precisely, they will stop the delivery of helicopters "Apache" F16 fighter jets and tanks "Abrams" M1A1.
 Is this true, and that's the real reason?
Any missed payment of U.S. bonds will affect the status of the dollar as world reserve currency.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew also again urged Congress at any cost to reach an agreement to raise the debt ceiling, October 17, otherwise failure is inevitable.
U.S. stocks fell, as the Dow Jones and S & P 500 are at their lowest levels since.
U.S. government bonds maturing in 10 years are the foundation of the global financial system.
Interest rates on U.S. bonds maturing later this month rose sharply this week as some money markets decided that caution was the right approach.
The cost of insuring against loss of U.S. insolvency depleted derivatives market sovereign debt rose sharply, and investors, have invested in stocks, headed for the exit, as the government is expected to remain blocked after the beginning of next week, and is set political confrontation over the debt ceiling.
China and Japan, "burn" with U.S. debt to 2.4 trillion. USD U.S. urged to immediately find a solution to the budget crisis, as the stability of global financial markets is threatened.
Beijing holds U.S. government debt bonds worth 28.1 trillion. dollars, and Tokyo - in securities for 1.14 trillion. dollars, according to the U.S. Treasury

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