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Asteroid can cause a tsunami with a height 174 meters .

Asteroid can cause a tsunami with a height 174 meters .

Celestial body was found on February 23, 1950 , in 2000 , astronomers noticed it again , and in 2001 the site was shot by the Observatory in Puerto Rico.
Astronomy and Space Administration specialists say that the chances of a collision of an asteroid TO 1950 , which has a diameter of 1 km, grow and can lead to disastrous consequences for our planet.
Huge celestial body will bring the Earth's surface and can fall on 16 Mar 2880 , experts warn .
Probability of disaster , according to experts, is two times greater than the chances of a collision with Earth of any other known so far celestial body .
 Crucial to the Earth would be 20 minutes span in which
 will determine the fate of Earth - asteroid that will pass near it or there will be a collision.
 But more accurate , there will be no earlier than 2032 , when the asteroid 1950 DA will be monitored with great precision.
NASA show that the convergence or collision with an asteroid will be in the Atlantic region, near the east coast of America.
Tsunami would be a height of approximately 174 meters , and the power of the blast can reach nearly 45 million megatons of TNT , in the tens of thousands of times more powerful than the atomic bomb on Hiroshima .

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