Sunday, October 13, 2013

Al -Qaeda fight against widespread opposition Syrian Free Army.

Al -Qaeda fight against widespread opposition Syrian Free Army.

Nearly 50 soldiers have been killed in the last three days fighting between jihadists and insurgents in the city of Aleppo .
According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights , at the three-day battle , which began on Thursday between militants associated with " Al Qaeda " group , " Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant " ( Idyll ), and the composition of the battalion backed by Western powers and Arab League , free Syrian army killed at least 50 people on both sides .
Three countries , three armies fighting in Syria , the Assad government , the opposition and its Free Syrian Army , and " Al Qaeda " to flood Islamists.
Headed by jihadist militants in Syria killed at least 190 civilians and took over 200 hostages during their offensive in August in the province of Latakia , said the human rights organization " Human Rights Watch " .
According to " Human Rights Watch " in the financing, organization , planning and execution of attacks in Latakia involved five groups of related " Al Qaeda " - " Dzhebhat en Nusra " ( The front of Victory ) and the " Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant " , the Islamist group " Ahrar al- Sham " and foreign jihadists .

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