Sunday, October 6, 2013

Al Qaeda closer Bulgaria - terrorist threat from al Qaeda in the Turkish cities -Istanbul and Ankara.

Al Qaeda closer Bulgaria - terrorist threat from al Qaeda in the Turkish cities -Istanbul and Ankara.

Today, Ankara is on the edge - the terrorist threat from al Qaeda is growing every day and consistently high flow of Syrian refugees in Turkey, already reflected in Bulgaria .
Worst part is that " al-Qaeda - the group " Islamic State of Iraq and Lebanon, " Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened by a series of terrorist attacks in Istanbul and Ankara , where the Turkish government did not open the crossings to the Turkish- Syrian border , shut after Islamists took control of the Syrian border town .
Turkish newspaper Zaman said the ultimatum should be performed prior to October 7 .
 Knowing the practices of the radical Islamist group , terrorist attacks can be anticipated where they will have the greatest response.
And since it is unlikely that Erdogan move then ( he was already thinking of God- equal ) , the largest city of Turkey , Ankara will live in anticipation of attacks .
That Islamists are unable to carry out his threats, no doubt. They claimed responsibility for the double attack in May this year in the Turkish border town in Hatay province , killing 53 people and wounding more than 100. Ankara then tried to blame for terrorist acts Syrian intelligence services .
This is one of many cases - evidence that the policy pursued by Ankara in the last two years to Syria was a complete failure .
Turkey supports the opposition to President Bashar al- Assad's so-called Free Syrian Army . The organization's headquarters is located in Istanbul . But Ankara has no one to support: 10 leading rebel groups have said that from now on they do not recognize overseas coalition.
Was placed and the signature of the representatives of the Free Syrian Army . All breakaway groups support the continuation of "jihad " to impose on the occupied territories of Syria Sharia .
Thus , the forces of radical Islam , directly or indirectly related to " Al Qaeda " win while secular opposition seriously almost lost the ability to influence the situation in the country and the progress of the ongoing conflict in Syria.
In the Washington Post, Turkish President Abdullah Gul noted that the removal of Syrian chemical weapons on its own will not solve the problem, because end-of- control , there is a danger of the Mediterranean coast to a wound in Afghanistan .
Eventual victory of radical Islamists in Syria will have much more severe consequences than the coming to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan after the departure of U.S. and NATO forces in the country.
The process of accession of Turkey to the EU is frozen and mostly " by mutual consent" in the foreseeable future will come back.
Remain many difficulties in relations between Ankara and the U.S. and Israel.
The growth rate of the Turkish economy are reduced.
Unlike the summer protests , when the streets of dozens of cities , millions of people came out and now has a terrible threat.
Attempts by radical Islamists in Turkey for terrorist activity probably in cooperation with numerous Turkish radicals and anarchists could lead to major disturbances and the consequences will be very severe , not only for Turkey but also for Bulgaria and the EU.

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